Monday, October 14, 2013

First UFO out of the first box!

My question of yesterday about what you do with your ufo's got some interesting answers. Apparently there are a lot of quilters who would "explode" if they had such a messy pile of unfinished objects-lol. Thank goodness I lack the "perfectionist" gene or the "stick to it" gene or I'd have splattered all over my sewing room a long time ago.

The first project from the first box in the pile is a doll quilt for Dylan for Christmas. Here's the fabric:
Little Red Riding Hood. I also got her the book and a Red Riding Hood doll from Great American Bear Co. It's pretty big for a doll quilt but the doll is 18" tall. Just using a plain yellow batik from the shop for the back. I have to clean the sewing machine and iron the front and back but I'm not even going to pin it together to quilt it. What's on your schedule today? I'm going to try to work some. It's raining and my knees are hurting so I'm getting a late start. I just want to quilt...not work....I'm writing about men's shoes today. Mens athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, tennis shoes and on and on. I have to write 300 words about each one....sigh....BUT I'm grateful to have a job. Yep, I'm going to concentrate on being grateful and watch something fun on Netflix while I work. XO and cheery wave from Bev


Lisa said...

Sadly I had to come back to work today. No sewing for me :(

Missy Shay said...

I love themed gifts like that, how fun!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I missed yesterday's post, but it didn't phase me! I probably have as many. I would've said just send them to me. For some reason, I have a lot of fun finishing other people's projects more than my own! LOL Little Red is going to be such a cute gift! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet!! :-0

margaret said...

what a delightful quilt for a very spoilt doll!
Today I am working on a birth sampler, brothers children seem to be having babies, this is the third one, all done with a hardanger heart, name, weight, time of birth and parents names then a few words of wisdom, as it is the 3rd one did not take too long to design, it is nice when the younger ones ask for a future heirloom!
Fascinated about why you are writing about mens shoes?