Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Dylan is 5!

My little granddaughter, Dylan, is 5 years old! I just thought I'd show you the cake my son made for her (he does this every year). I thought it was so cute

It took him all day to make it. He's not a professional baker by any means but has taken classes so that he can always make her cakes every year. You can't really see how big it is from this photo.

She loved her cake! Just wanted to show you this fabulous cake. All the other grand kids in the family are in their teens and 20's so Dylan is the baby of the family. She is much loved, especially by her daddy.

Hope you have a great week! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lollypop Trees Block One

Hi everyone! How's your Saturday? I slept late (8 AM!) so am getting around slowly. It's a peaceful, beautiful day and I give thanks to God for that! Thought I'd post another block that fell out of the UFO basket the other night. I should say, one of the UFO baskets. It's for the Lollypop Tree quilt.

The backgrounds for this quilt will be solids. This is from the pattern by Kim McLean. This is one of the least "busy" blocks-lol. I started this quilt because I have so many little scraps from all my projects that can be used. There are a ton of circle shapes in this quilt. Here is the pattern so that you can see:

As you can see, just perfect for scraps! I'm going to have to do a couple more blocks pretty soon because my scraps are getting out of control. I just hate throwing away scraps that are 2" x 2" or bigger and they are perfect for this quilt. 

What are you all doing this weekend? I could get so much more done if I didn't have to work! This weekend I'm kitting up 2 queen size Farmer's Wife quilts for a lovely lady in Canada so I'll be cutting and cutting. Then, I'm going to try to get some of my "pesky real job" work done and do some washing. We'll see how that goes. I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday and that you get to do some sewing! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cherry Blossom Marmalade Free Tutorial!

If anyone has joined The Quilt Show, you know that they have thousands of members and are a big deal. Well, my friend Lea Anne Brummett at Podunk Pretties blog was featured on The Quilt Show blog with her original pattern for Dresden Plate with Scallops! WTG!
Just click on the link above for the tutorial. Lea Anne's tutorial is one of the best applique tutorials around with tips on using bias press bars and making scallops. She is always coming up with innovative designs and she shares everything with her readers. Today her blog post is on how to make your own acrylic templates. I mean, who can do that and can green beans? She's so talented!
I always love seeing what's on her design wall. Here's a picture of more Cherry Blossom Marmalade blocks, ready to be set into a finished quilt. If I had more time today, I could write a very long blog post about her designs, her tutorials and her sense of humor. You'll love this block and you'll love Lea Anne's sense of humor and generous spirit! Hope everyone has a great Friday! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aqua Star is Finished (well, as a UFO)

Last night, late, I knocked over a box of ufo's in my sewing room and this top fell out. It just needed the corner pieces. They were already cut. So I took a few moments and sewed them on. It was late when I took the photo but you get the idea. I think no borders on this one. I am so far behind on my work that I don't have time to hang it on the wall and take a good photo today. Besides, it's cloudy and raining. Just wanted to pop over and show you that I finished something! Woot!
Have a wonderful day! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Strange Little Dog and Setting the Record Straight

I've been up since 5 AM and at the computer. I've told you that my Lola is an odd little puppy mill rescue. I think that she was not socialized and was probably born and kept in a cage while she was growing up to be a breeding dog. Well, at about 5:30, she sat beside me with the treat she got yesterday from the bank teller at the drive through. She just sat like this and stared.

I asked her if she wanted to go outside, to get a drink, to eat, to play toys....nothing. Just the stare and the death grip on the treat. This went on for about 45 minutes. I tried petting her, picking her up...nothing. Just the stare. I talk about Charlie a lot in this blog because of his "condition" but I have little Lola that I love too. Look at that face. She's a little "odd" and she's "big boned" but she's my little heart. I think she knows how much she is loved. Her little episodes of trying to communicate are so entertaining. I wish we could chat.

As I told you guys, I started the Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet BOM and hit a snag. I have some block or something in my mind about how to attach the center compass block to the ring around it and then to the main block. Someone in the Yahoo group suggested that I go to Esther's blog and look at the photos of how she did hers. So, I was awake at 5 AM anyway and I searched her blog. I didn't realize that she had painstakingly created a version of the coverlet from a black and white photo in a process that took her over a year (just to do the pattern).

She enlarged the photo to the size of the quilt and then started tracing.

 At any rate, somewhere during this process (that she blogged about), she asked quilters to help find the quilt. I guess that hundreds of her followers were searching in museums. Well, I told you in my previous post that it was lost. That's not true. The quilt was found! It is owned by an individual who lives in England. Written pleas were made, as well as personal visits (by the person who located the quilt owner) with requests that this magnificent quilt be photographed or viewed or displayed. Well, the owner refused. Can you believe that? The owner won't let anyone even see the quilt in person. Just amazing that anyone would be that selfish (my description-Esther was very respectful of the owner's rights). I just wanted to correct my statement that the quilt was lost. My information was taken from information before the quilt was found. Just wanted you to know the facts. This is such an interesting project. If you would like to see Esther's process, her blog is HERE. Posts about this BOM start in July of 2013.

Well, have to go feed the birds and water the one fern on my front porch and then get to work! Lola has now laid down, still clutching her treat. I wish I knew what she wanted. Hope you have a wonderful day! XO and Cheery wave from Bev

Monday, September 15, 2014

Charlie and Lola Announce the Giveaway Winners! well...sort of...

I tried to get Charlie and Lola to announce the winners of the video production skills are, shall we their early stages. I had the television on, and I couldn't get Lola to cozy up to Charlie. If you listen carefully (it's only 7 seconds long), you can hear Lola's announcement. She "talks" in a growish voice that reminds me of an old woman who has smoked all her life. Okay, that's enough about my babies...

The winners of the Union Jack giveaway are:




Mrs. H

I've sent emails and, as soon as I receive your mailing addresses, I'll send your panels! Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate! Love you all! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love Entwined - A BOM for Big Girls!

Look what I found! This BOM is NOT for the feint of heart! I started yesterday with the center of the center block that is inside 7 (that's right - 7 borders)! It's unfinished because it gets appliqued into the block.

Try not to judge me! My colors will be bright because I have to draw from my stash. So, here's the scoop on this amazing quilt. For those of you who don't know, Esther Aliu is an amazing applique and quilting expert. More than just an experienced quilter, she is an artist. Ester saw a photo of this quilt in a 1956 publication. This is not the photo of the quilt, it was done on the computer.

The quilt was dated 1790 by maker unknown. Esther was struck by its beauty and tried to get information but sadly, the quilt's whereabouts are also unknown. From the photos, Esther designed a version of this amazing quilt and offers it as a free BOM. It is truly a masterpiece. Here's a bigger pic of just the center block:
I fell hard this this and think that it would be an amazing applique project. Of course, when I started looking at the pattern, the first block is pieced - lol. I've never done a compass block before. I wrestled with color selection but just have to use what I have on hand. I know that this will take years but I really want to try it. If I live long enough, it will be an amazing accomplishment. Here's a computer version of the black colorway:

That block I did looks a very tiny part of the quilt, doesn't it? My intention is to work on this while I'm watching television. Also, the patterns I've collected from Kerry Green have instructions for embellishment that can be used on this quilt. Wonder what the odds of my living long enough to finish. At any rate, if you want to tackle something like this or learn more about it, you can find Esther's blog HERE. There is a Yahoo group of people doing this quilt (over 4000 of them). You have to join the group to get the free patterns. The amazing work that people in the group are doing just blows me away. So if you're interested in making something really detailed, check it out! And yes, I admit to being insane insofar as BOM's go. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! Don't forget to enter the Giveaway for some fun Union Jack panels! XO and cheery wave from crazy Bev!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Well, I Messed Up (shocker)

My giveaway for Union Jack panels said that it was over on Saturday, the 14th! I messed up! Today is Saturday, the 13th. So, lets end the giveaway end of day tomorrow and I'll announce the winners on Monday. If you haven't entered, you can enter HERE! Sorry guys!

Hope you're having a great Saturday! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yet Another BOM - But It's Free!

I can hear you all now....even as I tell myself that I'm "booked" with enough block of the month projects, here comes another! Jacquelynne from The Art of Home blog, has designed a free block of the month quilt. She's offering it in two sizes, a 4 block or 6 block version:

The blocks have centers with applique or embroidery or you can leave them plain. I know, I know...I constantly complain about having too many projects BUT (there's that big old BUT), I figure that I can accumulate the block patterns and do them at my leisure..hahahahahahah. Aren't they cute!

Jacquelynne is so talented...she designed the fabric that she used for this sampler. If you want to sign up to have these free patterns sent to you and check out Jacquelynne's blog, click HERE. And if you decide to sign up, please pop back and tell me so that I know who's going to play! Guess I'll get to work...have a happy Friday! XO and cheery wave! Bev

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gossiping in the Garden - One Dresden Down-Sort of - Three to Go...

Last night I completed one Dresden block for Gossip in the Garden. I must say that I've had a bad attitude about the 4 large Dresden blocks in this quilt ever since I saw that they should be English paper pieced. I will NOT do that! So, being oh so smart and experienced (she says sarcastically), I decided to piece the blades on the machine and then use interfacing to sew around the edges and turn and fuse. Well, in my infinite wisdom, I picked up some interfacing that is, well, from the pits of interfacing hell.

I don't know where it came from, don't know what kind it is but, after I stitched around the edges of the Dresden and touched the interfacing with the iron, it shriveled up! What am I doing with this in my interfacing stash???? By then I was committed. So I wrestled and pushed and straightened and fussed and machine appliqued it down. Well, it looks horrible. But, not being a quitter and it being 11 PM, I struggled through. I machine appliqued the center and there it is. This is the point where I usually stack the project neatly into my stash and it remains a ufo to be sold in a garage sale by my children after my demise. However, all that remains to finish this quilt is the 3 remaining Dresdens. I will a few days maybe. I have this much finished and it just needs to be assembled and the border added:
So, today I'm working and my next sewing project which will be the trees in the Winter Solstice quilt along that Paulette is hosting. I told her that she gave us too much homework this month. She actually wanted us to do the trees, the sheep and finish the top. Hahahahaha. Hope you're having a good Thursday! It's cooled off here. Take care! XO and cheery wave (in spite of the interfacing "incident") Bev