Sunday, July 5, 2015

Finished the Basket Quilt

Happy July 5th! I hope you got to spend time with those you love and that you had a safe and happy holiday. Here are some photos of the Basket quilt that I finally finished.
This is the first quilt that I've finished using the machine sewn binding with a little flange:
It was fast and easy. The tutorial is from It is so strange to sew the binding onto the back and then pull it around to the front. But its's SO much faster than stitching down the binding by hand!
I'm (hopefully) selling this little quilt to help pay for Lola's vet bills.

 I don't even have Charlie's vet bill paid off yet...sigh. She's totally worth it though. She's on pain meds that I have to give her twice a day and I have to say, she detects that pill no matter what I try to hide it in, eats around it and spits it out.  She's so smart! I'm also working on the never ending quilt repair project:
 So I'm off to work some more on this quilt repair. Have a wonderful weekend and lots of fun! XO from Bev

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July and Please Pray for Lola!

Hello everyone and Happy 4th! Hope you are enjoying your holiday! I've made one quilt block in the last week or longer. It's the Stash Bee block for July for Hive One.
This block is for Sarah, the Queen Bee for July. She chose the colors and the pattern. The free pattern is on the Moda Bake Shop website and also on the Stash Bee blog. I've been working on the quilt top that I'm stitching up so that I can tie it in between taking care of Lola.
She's having trouble walking. I've taken her to the vet who needs to do an x-ray but who doesn't think her legs are broken. The vet did find a mass in her abdomen. So, to make a long story short, Lola is home with pain meds and I'm carrying her everywhere. She is a solid 20 pounder and when I pick her up, she cries, no matter how careful I am. Of course, the vet moved everything and palpated her all over and Lola never uttered a sound after I told the vet how she was crying when I picked her up...sigh. I certainly found out how weak I am--no upper body strength at all. Also, every time I lift her, I think about how many "Lola's" I am carrying around in the form of extra fat. If I lost all the "Lola's" I need to, I'd probably be able to run a marathon. I have finished the yellow basket quilt (finally) and will be selling it to help pay for Lola. I'm taking photos of it this afternoon. Pray for me that it sells and please pray for Lola that she doesn't have something horrible and life threatening. Have a happy 4th! XO from Bev

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Farm Girl Friday block and a special project

Hi ya'll! I got one more 6" Farm Girl Fridays block done, the Farmhouse Block:
Note to self:  don't use fabric with squiggly lines for windows again. The 6" blocks are so hard for me but I want to make the quilt with all the 6" blocks put together. I am so out of time to sew that I'm thinking of quitting the 12" blocks for now. I have 16 finished:
I just need to figure out the sashing fabric and the border. I'd like to do a border of red gingham but don't think I have enough. Decisions, decisions. I've been working like crazy on a special project for someone that sounded easy--haha. Just tie this quilt, she said. It will be quick and easy, she said. I need the money though. Here's the old quilt top that I'm actually restoring:
It is hand pieced and can't just be tied because the batting sticks out. I'm having to stitch the many, many tears down. It's a beautiful collection of old fabrics.

As you can see, the blocks don't match (I'm not fixing that) and the places that have pulled away have frayed. I literally have worked on it for a week and it looks like nothing has been done.

I don't think the owner is going to even be able to wash it because the fabrics are so fragile but she wants it done. Believe me, I did not charge enough-lol. What have you been up to? Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Cheery wave from Bev

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shop Pattern Clearance

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a great week! It's hump day and we are on the downhill for the weekend! Woo Hoo! I was looking around the shop inventory and thought I would list some of the books and patterns left in the shop. These are new and unused. These patterns are listed at discount prices. First, look at this adorable book:
This book has 127 pages plus full size patterns on heavy paper--not tissue. All the books and patterns I'm selling are new and unused. If you have a little girl to sew for, you'll find pants, dresses, tops and more with lots of cute ruffles and a modern style. It's a beautiful book for $14.95 plus postage. Next, In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman pattern from Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.
  It has a separate envelope of patterns for each row included in the large pattern envelope. Use one row to make a table runner for the holidays! It's on sale for $9.99 plus postage. Like Cluck, Cluck, Sew patterns and want to make a sweet, girlie quilt? Try the Sugar Dish for only $4.50 plus postage:

  If you are a fan of embroidery, you will love Kathy Schmidt patterns. This sale includes her book titled Simply Red which has a variety of applique and embroidery projects.
Kathy actually autographed this book. It is on sale for $9.99 plus postage. She also has some adorable single patterns that have instructions to make an embroidered wall hanging, plus an iron-on applique accent that makes the pattern unusual and fun! Each of these patterns are $4.50 plus postage:

If you would like to buy all 7, the combined price would be $30. plus postage. Are you looking for great gifts for your sewing friends? This Jennifer Jangles pattern for pincushions are adorable! Anyone would love it as a gift.

 Pattern is half price at $7.50 plus postage! And, last but not least, Kerry Green's Picking Posies wool or cotton applique quilt pattern. This is a VERY hard to find pattern! It's beautiful full color pages have detailed instructions for a variety of fancy stitches as well as the applique pieces and finishing for this fabulous quilt.. On sale for $12.50 plus shipping.
If you want some of the patterns or books on sale from the shop, just email me at: and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. I do combine shipping! Have a great Wednesday! XO from Bev

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Cozy Afternoon Giveaway Winner and Some Farm Girl Fridays Blocks

Hey ya'll! Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and that you were able to tell your Dad what he meant to you. I did get two of the Farm Girl Friday blocks done. I did the 6" Farm Fresh Flower Block:
and the 12" Farm Fresh Flower Block:

And now, what you're really interested in. The winner of the free pattern from the June Cozy Afternoon Giveaway is:  #20  Lynn McIndoe! Congrats Lynn...Jacquelynne will send you the free patterns in the next few days! THANKS to everyone who entered! I wish that, if you are a no reply blogger, you would include your email address. Several people asked me questions and I cannot reply because you are no-reply. Let me know if you don't know what that is and I'll show you how to fix it. Have a great week! XO and cheery wave from Bev

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's not too late to enter the Cozy Afternoon June Giveaway!

Hello! If you haven't already, it isn't too late to enter the Cozy Afternoon Giveaway for these special patterns from Jacquelynne Steves! You can still enter until 10 PM tonight! You can only get these cool patterns on this giveaway. Anyone is eligible from all over the world to win this great June Giveaway!

To enter, just leave a comment HERE. You will also get the first two free patterns for this adorable Cozy Afternoon Block of the Month!
I'd love to see your blocks as you get them finished! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! XO Bev

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Farm Girl Fridays Blocks

Hello! First, if you are looking for the Cozy Afternoon BOM Giveaway, click HERE. We are having rain again...thanks to "Bill" who is a hurricane or tropical storm...not sure which. People here just got their livestock back in the barn and I hope they don't get flooded out again. Speaking of the barn, I finished the other two blocks for the Farm Girl Fridays QAL. I don't know why but my blocks just look horrible. I don't know if it's my eyes or just my stitching. But, here they are anyway. Here is the 12" block:
No, until I took a photo of this block, I did not realize that those same two flowers were next to each other. Uggg. I thought I was being clever and making my 12" blocks with solid backgrounds but now, I'm at a loss as to what to use for sashing. I have 17 of these blocks finished and think I might go ahead an make a top out of 16 of them. Here's a collage of the 12"er's minus a couple of blocks that I've done ahead.
Here's my 6" Egg Basket Block...ugg...
It's a poor photo--not a bad pressing job. But I just don't like the fabrics together. Bet you've never seen that red floral fabric together. Here's a collage of the 6" blocks. I think I need quite of few more of those to make a top:
I hope you'll sign up for the Cozy Afternoon BOM. I can't wait to see what fabrics you choose and how you plan to finish your quilt. I seems really manageable, time wise, and like a quilt that I can actually finish! Click HERE for the details BUT not before you leave a comment on yesterday's blog post so that you'll be entered to win a free pattern from the designer, Jacquelynne, herself. Take care ladies...I'm going to bring up the trash cans before the next round of wind, rain and hail! XO from Bev

Monday, June 15, 2015


It's here!! Cozy Afternoon, the new Block of the Month from fabric and quilt designer Jacquelynne Steves! It's a versatile, easy and fun quilt that includes 3 ways to finish your blocks. You can piece them, applique them or embroider them. Jacquelynne provides a video tutorial for the two stitches that are used for this easy embroidery so it's a great chance to learn! This BOM goes for 5 months and includes the pattern for each block, plus border and finishing instructions. Imagine curling up in front of the fire with this quilt, a good book and a cup of tea. Perfect!

This first month, you get the free patterns for two blocks. Here's my Block One:

I put my block one on the floral fabric that I chose to use for the border and the large setting squares just so you could see where I got my color inspiration. I decided to use raw edge applique for my blocks. 
How cute is this little flower-filled tea cup!  Here's my Block Two that is also laid out (not stitched up) on the floral fabric that I'm using.
This block has a cute little bee!

I love the way this little quilt is going to look. You will receive 5 block patterns over the first 4 months of the event and then receive the border and finishing instructions on the 5th and final month. Just visit HERE, enter your email and click to sign up. That's it! Jacquelynne is also the editor of a gorgeous emagazine and it's FREE too! And, just when you thought you couldn't take any more FREE fun, there's more! Just leave a comment on my blog and tell me which way you would finish your blocks and you will be entered to win these  beautiful free patterns!
Because these are electronic patterns, my blog friends from all over the world can enter! Jacquelynne will send the patterns to the winner. The giveaway is open until June 21st. The winner will receive the free patterns the next week directly from Jacquelynne. The ONLY way you can get these patterns is to enter the giveaway on my blog and on the blogs of the other quilters who are hosting the giveaway and showing you their versions of the first two blocks! Here's a list of participating bloggers:

A Quilt and a Prayer

Lily Pad Quilting   
Red Letter Quilts
The Crafty Quilter

Kathy's Quilts         
Get these cute quilt block patterns, enter my giveaway by commenting with how you will finish your blocks, visit Jacquelynne's website and sign up for her free emagazine and visit the other bloggers listed here to enter again and get inspiration for choosing fabrics and deciding how to make your quilt! Pretty good fun for a Monday! Hope you enter! Cheery wave from Bev

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

  • *You can just piece them
  • *OR you can applique them (by machine or hand)
  • *OR you can do simple hand embroidery (just 2 super easy stitches- the backstitch and French knots- plus I have a video tutorial for those stitches.)
  • - See more at:

    Sunday, June 14, 2015

    Half of Farm Girl Fridays Blocks Finished and Something FREE

    Hello! I feel like I haven't blogged in a long time. I've been so busy with projects for other people and making things to sell. I did some nocturnal piecing last night and did both the 12" Crops block for the Farm Girl Fridays QAL:

    and the 6" Blooms block:

    When I have enough blocks finished, I plan to make tops and try to sell them. So here's something really FUN and FREE (my criteria for everything these days). I've told you before about Jacquelynne Steves free block of the month quilt called Cozy Afternoon:

    It's a easy and fun quilt that you can put together in a snap. The center squares feature a tea pot and tea cute! You can either embroider them or you can applique them. As you can see from the samples that Jacquelynne designed, you can also opt to leave the center squares blank if you want and the quilt still looks good.
    All you have to do to join the BOM is go to Jacquelynne's blog HERE and sign up. You will receive the digital block patterns every month and the finishing instructions for FREE! After you read my blog today, pop over and sign up and see the different colorways she has put up on the blog to inspire you.
    You can also buy a kit if you want with fabrics that Jacquelynne has designed. In addition, she has a FREE digital design magazine that you can sign up for and it will be delivered to your inbox each month!
    Now here's the part that's fun for me! I've been working on my own Cozy Afternoon blocks and I'll be showing my first two blocks of this quilt tomorrow. My colorway is really different and kind of out there. I chose a floral fabric by Mary Engelbreit for the border and the large floral blocks and then I pulled colors from it to do the center applique blocks. So I'm putting my first two blocks on the blog tomorrow and Jacquelynne will letting me host a giveaway for a NEW pattern that she has designed. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered and, because it's a digital pattern, anyone from anywhere in the world can enter! You will only be able to get this free quilt pattern from my giveaway and the giveaways of some other bloggers who are hosting Cozy Afternoon. 
     So be sure to go sign up for the Cozy Afternoon BOM and come back here tomorrow to see my blocks and enter the giveaway for a free designer quilt pattern! Have a great Sunday! XO from Bev

    Monday, June 8, 2015

    Has This Happened To You?

    Hello!  Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I just had to show you something. Not too long ago (well maybe 6 months), I designed a little house block. I was going to make a quilt and draw up the pattern myself. 
     It's really not a big deal but someone just came out with the news that blocks exactly like this will be available in a pattern in a few months. It's not that big a deal but it's just weird. I mean, the patterns are identical! Guess great minds think alike! Well, that's all the news I have. Nothing has happened since yesterday (thank Goodness)! I'm getting ready to clean the kitchen. I know, I know, you covet my exciting life. I just had to show you this coincidence block. Oh well, live and learn! XO from Bev