Friday, March 27, 2015

R.I.P. Spencer

This is Spencer, my oldest grandson. He has died at the age of 29. We are crushed. Please pray for us.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thanks for the prayers everyone! Jason is going home!

Let me say thank you to all of you for your prayers and good wishes! Jason had a bunch more tests and apparently he is okay now. He hasn't told me what the doctors said except to say that they had a long detailed discussion with him. So what does that mean? I have no idea. But he ate a meal and it went right where it was supposed to go in the small intestine with no problem. He is a lucky guy. I don't think he ever thought it was very serious but I did. I know you moms understand. Thanks again!

On another happy note for me, the Tulip Patch top is finished. I can't decide whether to put it on Etsy and eBay as a top or whether to quilt it. I was thinking about it and all the fabric choices, cutting, piecing, ironing and everything else that goes into making a top will probably not make me as much as my gas bill was this month. Sad that quilting and piecing is not appreciated more by the public. I also finished the Great Granny top but need to add the borders. I'll tell you, I procrastinate because I dread ironing big pieces so much! And I wish I had somebody here to hold up the stuff I make so I can get a good photo.

Well, I'm off to cut the Great Granny border and see what Lola wants. She's sitting by me poking me every 30 seconds or so with her paw. Thanks again for the prayers! I love you guys! XO and cheery wave from Bev!

Jason's still in the hospital

I'm still waiting on the doctors to tell us the results of all the tests they are doing on Jason. He's still in the hospital. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Please keep them going! For some reason, he does not want to put me on speaker phone so I can hear everything the doctor is saying and ask the doctor questions myself...I can't imagine why....

We almost blew away last night here in Oklahoma City. The wind was 85 MPH. There was a tornado about 8 miles away and we got the tail winds here. Storm season has officially begun. With Jason and the storms all the kids have been texting me. I'm sorry but what a pain. Isn't there an easier way to just speaking over the phone??? It takes me forever to text back (that's probably why they do it). My "intutive" phone certainly takes a leap when trying to "help" me text. Okay, I'm through complaining! Please keep praying...I appreciate you all more than you know! XO from Bev

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Please Pray!!!

Hi my blogger friends. My son Jason is in the hospital in Dallas waiting to go into surgery for an intestinal blockage. He's never, ever been sick and apparently this is very serious looking. Would you all pray for him? If you aren't a believer and don't pray, then please send good thoughts. Here's a picture of Jason with his little Dylan.

THANK YOU so much! I love you guys! XO Bev

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working, Working, Working (well, most of the time)

Hi guys! I've been busy finishing tops to put on Etsy to make some $$$ (hopefully). My plan is to finish 3 or 4 tops and quilt something then finish more tops, etc. Here's one I finished today. I didn't add a border and am thinking of quilting it because I really like it. It really is straight...I just pinned it on the wall kinda crooked and am too lazy to fix it.

As usual lately, it's cloudy and windy or I'd try to get pictures outside. The top doesn't look as cute in the picture as in person. What are you all doing? Any exciting new projects?

Well, that's all I've got. I would like to give Jesus, my personal Savior, a shout out for being AWESOME and taking care of some stuff that was bothering me and weighing me down. There is no doubt that it was Divine Intervention. Oh, and I missed National Puppy Day yesterday. I would have put a hat on Lola and taken her photo or something. I have a feeling she's glad I missed it! Thanks for stopping by! XO and Cheery Wave from Bev

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Many Projects Not Yet Finished...Sigh

I've been working a lot but not finishing anything. You would think that my situation is so stressful that it would compel me to work feverishly. Somehow it seems like nothing is getting finished and I just go outside with Lola and watch her try to catch squirrels. She did catch a mouse though and I almost had a heart attack. She had killed it so it was wrapped in a paper towel and put into the outdoor trash can. That's all I need--a mouse problem. I'm close to finishing several quilt tops that I think I'll try to sell as unfinished tops. Here's the state of my little sewing corner. What a boring blog post-haha.

See--you guys are good enough friends for me to let you see what a slacker I am. It's pretty rough though...sigh. Wish I had something spectacular to show you but at least I'm keeping in touch. It's a cloudy, rainy day so the photo is pretty dark now that I look at it. I see signs of spring though and I thank God for that! Hope you are all having a good week! XO and Cheery Wave from Bev

Friday, March 13, 2015

Stuff I'm Selling

Good morning all! We made it to Friday-Woot!  I'm listing things in the Etsy shop today because I still haven't found gainful employment and Mr. Darcy apparently doesn't like old, fat women. Seriously, it's hard for an old woman to find a job. So, I'm selling some things that I was going to keep for myself. First, for lovers of Lori Holt fabrics, I'm selling this Fat Quarter Bundle of Sew Cherry fabrics. I don't know of anywhere else that you could find this. It was so popular and sold out almost right away everywhere. It's in my Etsy shop HERE.  NOTE: SEW CHERRY BUNDLE IS SOLD

I'm also selling a fat quarter bundle of Sweetest Thing fabric. It sold out quickly too. It was designed by Zoe Pearn, the Australian designer. I used these fabrics in my Farmer's Wife quilt. Sweetest Thing is listed HERE.

Please check out the Etsy shop HERE because I've listed fabrics on sale for $4.50 a yard. Some of it is on sale for less than wholesale. These fabrics are perfect for stash building and for quilt backs. In addition, I've listed some of my quilts and will also be listing unfinished tops in case you want to quilt something but don't want to piece it yourself. One of the quilts I'm selling is the Farmer's Wife quilt that was quilted by Karen Walker, the long arm quilting and Farmer's Wife expert. She has wonderful classes on Craftsy for this quilt and you can find her HERE if you want to make your own or have something quilted. Seriously, she is awesome. Anyway, here's the Farmer's Wife quilt:  NOTE:  FARMER'S WIFE QUILT SOLD

You can find the listing HERE. If you need a little wall hanging to brighten up a room, check out this listing for my modern Baltimore quilt:  NOTE: SMALL WALLHANGING HAS SOLD

I quilted this one myself. You can see the listing HERE. I'll be listing more quilts and unfinished tops this weekend. If you don't want to buy anything, please send me good thoughts and virtual hugs. It sucks to be alone and poor! Have a great weekend! XO from Bev

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello! Lori Holt has yet another quilt along! I just love her designs and the quilts she comes up with and I want to do it all. There's just no way though. I made 3 of the flower blocks for her Quilty Fun Scrappy Sew Along:

I love them and think they are really cute. But I just can't fit more into my schedule right now. I may make one more block and make a little wallhanging or something but her quilt calls for 39 of these blocks! It may not seem like it but these are pretty time consuming for me. There are lots of little triangles. I really like everything Lori designs. I'm making her Flower Box Sew Along blocks

 and haven't even finished that top, I'm making her Tulip Patch quilt 

and I'm making a Great Granny Sew Along top.

 Whoa...time to stop and finish some things. I get these ideas to make money like putting unfinished tops on eBay (I've had some luck with that) and then I get carried away and start new ones. Crazy ADHD or something. I'm still unemployed and broke like you wouldn't believe. So I need to get serious and concentrate on finishes! Well, I'm off to work. Thanks for letting me share. Hope everyone is having a great week. We have wonderful weather and hope you do too! XO from Bev

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Great Granny Blocks

Good morning! I've made a couple more Great Granny blocks and now I have 12. I think I'll make 4 more and be finished with this top. 

Green and yellow...with some gray.

This has taken so long...I hope it looks okay when it's finished!

I also finished all the rows for the Tulip Garden quilt top and now I just have to stitch them together and add a border. What are you up to this week? Don't forget that I'm still having an Etsy sale! You can see the half price fabrics that I have left HERE. Have a great day! XO from Bev

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a Boy!!!

Here's some happy news on Monday! I have a new grand-dog!

My daughter, Gina, recently lost her dog, Daisy. Gina, like her mom, is a dog person and this weekend she adopted a darling dog that they named Wilson. He got his name because Gina and the kids were watching him run around the yard and they yelled various names at him. He only reacted to the name Wilson so I guess he chose his own name.

He's a very pretty boy who is obviously a mix of who knows what that equals a perfect package of love. He is sweet and friendly and very grateful to be out of the kill shelter. Gina has another little dog, Cleo, who is about 14 now and Cleo is not thrilled to say the least but he's respectful of her and she is tolerating him.

Wilson is about 7 months old and he's just a love bug. I know that some people like to buy dogs from breeders because they want a "quality" dog but the only quality I'm interested in is the love they can give. There is such a huge need to save dogs from the horrible fate that awaits them at the shelter. I think shelter dogs know they have been rescued and they are grateful and loyal. Hope you have a happy week. I just wanted to share some happy news about the newest member of the family with you! XO from Bev