Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Trip to the Farm and Bird Feeding Issues!

Good Morning! In my quest to stitch together a block a day, I've gone back to the farm. Here is Farmer's Wife Block 21, Contrary Wife.
I also stitched up the Summer Celebration blocks called Dead End Road. Two of these blocks go side-by-side in the quilt.
Yesterday I glanced out the window and saw this:
This hawk is big enough to carry little Charlie off! He (or she) is HUGE! So now, I'm going to be going outside with Charlie every time he goes out. I'm not worried about Lola because she is too "big boned" for Mr. Hawk. My problem is that I've fed the birds (and squirrels) for 4 years and I know some of them are dependent on me for food. I have doves that hang out all day. How can I keep feeding the birds and keep from having a Chicken Hawk dining room in my back yard? Should I worry about Charlie? I didn't anticipate this because I live smack dab in the middle of an urban area with a sky scraper right next to me. Anyone have any advice? I'd sure appreciate it!

I hope you have a great Thursday! Don't forget to enter our Flannel Giveaway if you haven't already. You can enter HERE. Hope you get time to sew today! Cheery wave from Bev


Lisa said...

Well I live in the south and I would shoot him... :) that is probably illegal where you are... But my babies come first and Mr. Chicken hawk doesn't want to mess with my babies, wouldn't be pretty.

Delcia R. said...

From what I've heard about feeding birds, you aren't their main source of food--they get most of their needs from nature--God sees to their care. You can google the topic and be assured they will be okay. I don't have a dog or cat, but I'd go out with a small pet also on a leash to avoid the chance your visitor will cart you pet off.

Unknown said...

We loose alot of small dogs and cats to hawks. Its sad,but its part of what happens when hawks have their hunting grounds paved and built on.We got a huge german shepard and lab and have found that they are able to scare the big birds away. Also want you to know I enjoy your blog immensely!

Swedish Scrapper said...

I was so surprised to come out the front door last summer, and my (Big!) cat slunk up to me and quickly to the door. I heard a loud rustling round the side of the house, and looked up to see a hawk carrying off a magpie! They went into the rafters of the garage, and after much loud chattering and squawking, the magpie sent the hawk off! Ahem, haven't seen him since, but could be the foxes keep im away!

gilly said...

Oh no, poor little Charlie. If only I could send my Ben & Jerry over to chase away the big birds - it's their favourite pastime!
Loving your latest block too - this quilt is going to be so fabulous.
Have a great weekend,

Rhonda the Rambler said...

I would do a little research. Is he really interested in your baby or not? If you think it's a problem maybe try calling the wildlife society in your area and ask them what to do.

trish said...

Oh boy. I have had first hand dealings with a hawk. Standing next to my chickens one came down and "tried" to carry one off. She was too big. I chased the hawk away with a large stick I happened to be holding and a lot of yelling. My girls scattered and ran back to thei pen.