Saturday, November 14, 2015

Moving and Selling Stuff

Good morning! I'm getting ready to move and am selling stuff to raise money. Boy is it expensive for someone living on Social Security! Whoa! So I'm selling some unfinished blocks that I've put into photo collages so you can see how they look together. First are unfinished blocks from the Farm Girl Fridays QAL. They are 12.5" unfinished.
They are NOT sewn together. These blocks are $7 each. Here are some 6.5" blocks that finish to 6":

These blocks are $5 each.

There are 12 of these blocks. They are the Flower Box design. Another Lori Holt QAL. These blocks are 10.5" unfinished and are $5. each. Next I'm selling a yellow and red 24" x 24" Swoon block:
This yellow and red block with bee hive block in the middle is $10. Next is my Swoon Village block:
This block is $25. You will pay the postage on all the blocks. If you are interested in any of these blocks, email me at and tell me which ones you want and leave your PayPal address. I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Thanks you guys. I'll send photos of my new abode when I'm settled in! XO and cheery wave from Bev


margaret said...

best of luck with the move and selling oyur blocks too.
Could not find the video from your personal message but think it is because can only see one posting at a time. The terrible happenings in France on friday night is so well words cannot say how I feel and worry for everyone, these days no where is safe from those who want to take over the world. I pray for all those who lost their lives, those who were so badly injured and for all their loved ones. said...

I really do love the pattern you do. Your quilts look very cool. Mentioning terrible things in France, the only thing I can say that I'm so deeply sorry for ll the people who died, who are hurt and their families. It's a great tragedy.

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Fashions said...

Beautiful work, as always..

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