Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm Moving Saturday! Probably....

Hi everyone! I think I'm actually moving on Saturday! My house and how I got it is an incredible story and as soon as I move, I'll be posting photos and the story of this house! In the mean time, a new blog reader, Dianne, asked me about Jo James of Cart Before the Horse and that led me to Jo's blog to refer my new reader. While I was there, I saw this tutorial!
Isn't this an adorable holiday village? Fabric covered houses! The free tutorial and pattern for making them is HERE. Be careful might just spend hours on this website! Think of me this week while I'm SLOWLY packing to move! Oh, and special thanks to my friend, Annette, for helping me pack today! Anyone in the Oklahoma City area is welcome to come over and help (think a lot of people will be calling me-lol)! XO and cheery wave from Bev


margaret said...

best of luck with the move and hope the sun shines all day for you. Of course wishing you great happiness and contentment in your new home too

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh gosh I just sent you a convo for some fabric! Ignor it and concentrate on moving. I look forward to pictures! said...

Wish you the best with your moving! Hope everything will be ok. I'll look forward pictures)

Anonymous said...

Just catching up after some travel, actually between trips. It's been fun to anticipate seeing family I haven't seen for a while. Wanted to wish you luck on the moving. I know it's hard to pack and go. I'm sure I have this in my future. But, good luck where you end up and since you are taking the quilt shop with you, I hope it grows and grows. Take care! Stephani in N. TX (

Wendy said...

All the best on your upcoming move. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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