Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm Still Around! Just not on Blogger!

Hi everyone! I guess I should explain better what I've been up to! My blog has moved to Word Press. If I had to figure out how to do that, I would have but Gina did all the work for me. Gina and I have put out a pattern together based on her painting and art work.

Just to explain what this is...We have a large quilt pattern called Happy Garden we are working on with 16 new quilt blocks designed by Gina. The Garden Wheel block is only one of the patterns from the large quilt. We will have a variety of projects from each block that people can buy or they can buy the large quilt pattern with all the templates. These will be listed on our Craftsy shop and on Etsy. We are also working on a free download of an applique tutorial. These blocks look hard but are very easy and an experienced beginner can do them. We have color illustrations and photos like this one:

It's actually one of my favorite photos because it shows that you don't have to worry about matching all those seams in the middle because there will be a flower appliqued over it-lol! We also have a Facebook page that is private for those who have bought the pattern. You can find the pattern and some free ones on the Craftsy pattern shop for Blossom and Bev HERE. So I hope you will come follow my new website and blog HERE. We will be putting up some great giveaways on the new blog in the next couple of weeks so be sure and follow! Cheery wave from Bev


sew.darn.quilt said...

This is such a cute design! Nice collaboration Ladies!!

margaret said...

have missed you Bev but signed up to your new block yesterday so will be catching up with what you are up to

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priscilla said...

I just clicked on your web page & saw all of your shih zuhs....OMGoodness.....we too lost a few over the years & we just LOVE them so much! I think we're done with them at this time in our lives, but what fabulous memories of fabulous dogs.

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