Monday, May 25, 2015

More Fun on the Farm

Happy Memorial Day! Thinking today of all the sacrifice that both the military and their families make. My grandfather was in WW1, my father was in WW2 and my ex was in Vietnam. Lola and I were invited to a Mom and Doggie picnic today but it has been postponed because we have had so much flooding rain! Also, it's supposed to rain like crazy AGAIN this afternoon! We have an all time record high rain amount for Oklahoma City and the month isn't even over! Yikes! I did another block for the Farm Girl FridayQAL, the Chicken Foot block:

and the Canning Day Block:

I also made an updated collage:

Well, I have a lot I can work on today. Hope you are having a great celebration! XO from Bev


Linda said...

Beg I'm sorry your Mom & doggie event got canceled. Hope the rain stops soon but I'm afraid it won't. :(

I know where Penn Square is. It was a shopping center when we lived in OKC in 1977. Then I signed up for social security there a few years ago - lol!

I grew up in Bixby and we lived in Bartlesville and Oklahoma City after we got married. We moved to Texas in 1978 till 2005 then moved to Edmond and lived there till 2012 when we moved back to south Texas. I took my first quilting class at Oklahoma Quiltworks on Penn, back in 2010. I'm so glad to meet a fellow Okie. :)

Podunk Pretties said...

You make the happiest quilt blocks! Love each and everyone!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Your farm girl blocks are looking great! I hope the sun comes out again soon for you. We got a quarter inch of rain last night, but nothing today except some clouds and more sunshine than we have had in days...The sun should be on its way to you!

margaret said...

love the chicken foot, need to replace a block that I messed up in my little bunny quilt, thanks will use this one, trust rain stops soon, here it is just cold

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are cheering and endearing, both of which are needed with all this rain. Love that the drought is considered "done" since rivers and creeks are overflowing. My back yard is also sitting in water. Some days ago, mallard ducks were on their way to the local lake and instead descended in my backyard lake. Good to have some fun while keeping the storm closet ready, and dashing out between storms for groceries, etc. Thank God for quilting. I can stitch with the weather channel keeping up with the rain. Stay high and dry. Stephani in N. TX (

Mary said...

You skipped ahead and made the Wooly Lamb! That's the one I want to make a whole quilt of. I love the brights and dots in your blocks.