Friday, May 29, 2015

Lunch with Another Blog Buddy!

Hi everyone from wet and rainy Oklahoma! I've been doing a few blocks just for fun. Here's some of the blocks from the Vintage Girl Fridays QAL. First my 6" Chicken Foot block from last week:

 Then here's my 6" Churn Dash Block from this week:
For these blocks I'm using mostly dots for the background. Then one more, the 12" Churn Dash block from this week:

For the 12" blocks I'm using solids for the background. But here's the real news! I had lunch with a blogging friend Annette! It was so much fun! She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, where I am from and is from Oklahoma City where I live now. She asked me not to show her picture which I totally relate to since I don't want mine on here either. But she brought her Gypsy Wife quilt top and I got a photo of it:

I took several photos with my cell phone but this is the only one that I have been able to transfer to the computer. I couldn't get them to transfer so I just started clicking on stuff and this one worked. Then, sadly, I could not remember what I did. Curse you old lady brain! Anyway, isn't it great! I love that scrap quilt look and think she did it perfectly! And you're not going to believe this but it's only her second quilt top! I just can't get over that. Her blocks are perfect. So now I've met 3 of my blogging buddies! Anyone else? I'm free for lunch! It's just so cool to actually meet people you've emailed with and talked on the phone with. So that's my news. I'm working on finishing that accursed yellow quilt and then also working on a top that someone is buying so I am working. Hope you have a great weekend! XO from Bev


Linda said...

Bev where did you guys eat? Your blocks are so pretty!

Little Quiltsong said...

Wow, the quilt is beautiful, and to hear it is only her second quilt - very talented!! Your blocks are bright and beautiful too!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Soooo love dots!

margaret said...

love the blocks, have managed to recreate the chicken foot one for a sampler quilt I am making, not seen this block before. Wow the quilt is wonderful she must be so thrilled, now all it needs is quilting, wonder if she is doing it herself that will be a major project.

Shame I am so far away would love to meet up for lunch

Laugh Yourself into Stitches said...

Lucky you!! Meeting you was the highlight of my trip! And your blocks are great!! Love the polka dots