Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Block and 52 FREE Quilting Tutorials!

Last night I stitched another New York Beauty block. I only have 3 left to do after this one and then I can start on the border .... or start working on another ufo .... you know how I am....sigh....
I wanted to share something really cool with you guys. Martingale - That Patchwork Place has put together a group of 52 free quilting tutorials that you might enjoy. I love looking through things like this when I need a break in my writing. I can only try to write about "boys jeans" "boys bootcut jeans" "boys husky jeans", etc. etc. for so long before I get stuck and need to give my mind a diversion. It's kind of like a walk in the park. So anyway, you can find these tutorials HERE. 
You may have already seen them, but, if not, I hope you enjoy them! I figure that no matter how long I've quilted, I can always learn something new. Have a great Wednesday! XO and Cheery wave from Bev


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

The colors you are picking for your blocks are so amazing! This is going to be beautiful Thank you for the link, no matter how long I have been quilting I love to learn new things.

Debra said...

Love seeing your New York Beauty blocks. A New York Beauty is on my bucket list... but for now I am enjoying yours. Thanks!

marylouweidman said...

There is NO one I get more excited about with colors and fabrics than yours! YOU always inspire me when I come in here!

margaret said...

fantastic colours here Bev this must be my favourite of all your great blocks. Will now pop over and see theloads from threm said...