Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inner Border Dilemma and Flower Power

What a day I had yesterday. WARNING: This is a RANT (feel free to skip). On the plus side, I sold a bunch of fabric. Then, when I tried to re-order fabric, PayPal declined the payment. Well, it was a debit card and there was plenty of money to cover it. I was on the phone with PayPal for an hour. First, some lady at PayPal told me I was not an "authorized user" on MY OWN account! Uggg. She wouldn't even discuss it with me. So I had to call back and convince them I was the owner of the account. Then when they were convinced, they said they had to transfer me to the "debit card department" and during the transfer, the call was dropped. Of course, each time I called, I got the "we are experiencing longer than usual wait times" recording. I FINALLY got PayPal to fix THEIR error and had to call the fabric company and explain. Then the fabric company charged my personal checking account....sigh....  So I thought I'd just transfer funds from PayPal to my checking to cover this purchase. Explain to me why they can take money from you with lightening speed and yet, to transfer money from PayPal to my bank takes until April 1st. Okay, that's way more than you wanted to know but I feel better.

I finished piecing the blocks for the little basket quilt:
I'm trying to decide whether to do an inner border out of the aqua dot and make it the same size as the smallest squares in the little 4 patches. For the outer border, I'm going to use the Ooh La La yellow floral that has all the right colors before it's gone from the shop:
I also found the Flower Power blocks I made for this quilt:
from Mary Lou Weidman's book. I still have to make the bird block and the corner blocks but I have all the flowers finished. I used yellow background instead of black. Check this one out:
I love, love, love how her quilts look. She's the one who does the story quilts. Here's one of her story quilts from her tropical vacation:
Confession:  I love these quilts but they are hard for me to make because you don't use templates...you just start cutting. It's so HARD for me to relax and just draw and cut and not worry about even lines and squares and triangles. If you want to learn more about Mary Lou, her website is HERE. She's off doing some sort of workshop right now and she has some fun photos of her classes up right now. They all went to the Farm Chicks sale before the retreat. I so want to do some of her classes someday.

Well, can you tell I'm procrastinating about working on "the real job"? Sigh.... Keep letting me know how you are doing...I love getting your emails! Have a great day! Cheery (now that my PayPal debacle is over) wave from Bev


dortha said...

Your basket quilt is so cheerful looking. It will be so cute finished. I hope you feel better after your rant. I know it always helps me to rant and get it out of my system.

Missy Shay said...

How irritating with paypal! I love your baskets quilt, what pattern are you using?

PamKittyMorning said...

Love your basket quilt!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your basket quilt is turning out so gorgeous Bev. I love the floral you will be using for the border!

20 North Ora said...

Love the basket quilt. Whatever you decide to do will be beautiful.
It's so bright and cheery!


Sandi said...

You quilt is lovely and I'm sure you will be happy once you get your fabric. I love the floral you picked.

I'm a great fan of Mary Lou and I've got a a cow quilt in her cow parade on display at Back Porch Fabrics in Monterey.

Stick with your quilt, it is fun to see what your imagination can bring forth.

Libby said...

Love your basket quilt ~ so cheery! Would love to see the finish!

Derrith said...

Your quilts never cease to amaze me. The little baskets quilt is do darn cute and bright. I love it!

gilly said...

I can sympathise with your PP debacle - our account was hacked a little while ago and whilst it did eventually get sorted , there was a lot of frustration & upset in between!
On the positive side - your blocks are fabulous as always :-)
Hugs xx

Jennifer Heynen said...

Bev, I hate problems like that when they take up your day and they are not even your own fault....annoying.

Love the basket quilt and I say yes to the inner border because you can never have too much of that beautiful blue in your quilt!