Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sewing Studio Ideas

I love my sewing space but, as many of you, I'm always looking for new ideas for storage. Here are a few studio spaces that I love, find inspiring and thought I would share with you.
Do you think she found the pink accessories and then painted the walls or vice-versa? from
Mary Engelbriet fabric everywhere and it comes with a dog (like my sewing room does) from
Bright and pretty. Look how organized her fabric is! from
How much time did it take to beautifully fold that fabric? from
She painted inexpensive shelves and added molding! from
Actually too plain and organized for me! How does she think? from

I hope you enjoyed this view into other people's studios. They are beautiful and make me want to clean and organize my own sewing space. It's not going to actually happen, but it makes me want to!

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paulette said...

Gorgeous rooms!! Whenever I see bookshelves of fabric like this, I wonder about fading?? Does the fabric fade on the crease line?? I keep all my fabric in bins for this reason...but it looks so pretty sitting on the shelf like that!!... sigh...

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL I feel the same way! I would love to organize my space like those photo's, but then reality sets in. Not gonna happen. ;-) LOL

Anonymous said...

I own one of those IKEA tables and love it!! I try to be organized but dont go look now! Yikes!!