Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today I have "cleared the deck" to sew the backing for Project #2 so I can baste it for quilting. I thought I'd show you where I work. My studio is divided into 3 parts. Two of them are not ready to show. :)
This is one side of my sewing space. I have some (a few) of my ufo's in the red canvas baskets that are sitting on the bench I made. You can see part of my fabric stash and most of my books in my beloved Ikea shelves.
Here's the other side of my sewing area. More Ikea shelves with fabric. You can see Project #2 that is ready for marking and quilting.
 This is my "quilter" banner made from paper.

Here's my machine and tread stash and my ironing board that is set high to iron the backing for my little quilt. Usually it's set at a height that let's me just swivel my chair around and iron while I sew.   I love having a window to the back yard so I can watch the birds I feed (and squirrels). Whoever coined the phrase "meek as a dove" never saw the doves in my yard. They puff up and fight over food with all the other birds.

So that's 1/3 of the room where I spend most of my time. Now back to work.... Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Cheery wave!

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Brenda Pruitt said...

That hanging quilt is gorgeous! I love the pops of red in your room.