Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More pottery from Gina and a chicken quilt

Yesterday I showed you a platter I was given by my daughter, Gina, who is in Nashville trying to find a house so she can move there (I'm not going to say anything about how much I don't want her to move).
She decided to give me this bowl she made because she doesn't like these colors any more.
I happen to love these colors so I'm happy to take it! This is a big bowl (18" across) and I think it's gorgeous (but then I'm her Mom). She's quit doing pottery because it takes up too much room...sigh... I thought I'd show you and see if you agree with me that she should do pottery again.

I'm so close to finishing my ufo quilt project that I've been thinking about what to do next. Here's a picture (the only one I have) of a little quilt I did from the book "On Behalf of Chickens" by Country Threads. It's a log cabin chicken! The log cabin is the wing and I don't know if you can see it but there is a little beak and long little legs and little feet...I love it. This quilt was stolen from the back of an SUV during one of my moves. I hope the people who took it are enjoying it. I'm thinking of making another in reds and blues. Well, back to my pesky "real job". Don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY for a free book, "Collections Two". Have a good Tuesday! Cheery wave!


mtquilter said...

I love the cute pottery bowl. I definitely think your daughter should keep making them but then I also understand the whole issue of not having enough room. So sorry to hear your chicken quilt was stolen. It's so cute and I'm sure the people that have it don't know how much work goes into them. I've seen sites where people post lost or stolen quilts. I don't know how successful they are at getting them back to the rightful owners though. Hope you see it again some day.

Suzan said...

Hi Bev,
I am sorry about your quilt, I would be pretty ticked. I read some of your back posts and I love the fact that you rescued your puppies! We have rescued doxies and love them very much!
Ladybug Cottage

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post...and great color on the bowl.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Boy I LOVE that pottery and hope she thinks about it and misses it...I would order some today if she sold it....gorgeous and fun...wouldn't that be fun to serve your favorite salads in? It looks wonderful against that lime green!