Friday, June 19, 2009


April and Jason found out that my next grandbaby (#7) is a GIRL!! Everyone is thrilled because after all, GIRLS RULE!! A boy would be fine too--I have 2 wonderful grandsons. Girls are sure fun to sew for though. So here's a photo of April, Jason and Baby Girl! Looks like she might make her arrival on or about October 5th (which happens to be my birthday)! What a great gift that would be!


Jackie said...

Congratulations! I Agree, girls are much more fun so sew for - which is how I've ended up making little dresses for my shop! I love making things for my daughter (2yrs). I'll have to find something cute to make for boys too, or my son (7mos) will start to feel left out...need to get the wheels in my poor little brain turning!
Which reminds me - I still have to show you a picture of what I've made with your fabric! If you read this before I've sent you something, go to my blog and read the post titled "Sew Much to Do"...lots of pics and info there!

SarahB said...

Congratulation! Babies are so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am due in Aug. and already have 2 boys so of course we are hoping for a girl as well! I would love to make something girly that wouldn't just be for my friends kids. :)