Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yes, this is yet another photo that I discovered when I moved. I thought I had lost these photos of my quilts for good so I've been so happy to find them. Many of my quilts have been sold so I was very upset to think that I didn't even have photos of them!

This pinwheel quilt top disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a teaching weekend. Enough said about that--I'm glad to have found a photo. This quilt was designed by me for a challenge wherein we had to use only 4 fabrics and convey motion. I wish I had better photos because this fabric really helped the design move. It was a fun challenge and if I find the right fabric, I might just reproduce this quilt. It would look great draped on the porch railing on the 4th of July....sigh....

By the way, thanks for indulging me when I post photos of my quilts. I miss them like old friends!

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