Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bevs Scrap Log Cabin Quilt

As you know if you've followed this blog, when I moved I found some photos of quilts I have made in the past that I no longer own. The pictures aren't that great and I wish I had more closeups but I was so glad to find them!

This is a scrap quilt I made from all homespun scraps. No matter how small the scrap, I would cut them into 1.5" strips or squares. I sewed those together into log cabin blocks. The biggest challenge for this quilt was squaring the blocks. I had not realized how the different weights of the homespuns would distort. I think I calculated that there were over 2600 pieces in this quilt. I doubt if you can tell from this picture but I quilted it on my Bernina in big wavy circles. This quilt was displayed in a gallery and sold.

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Anonymous said...

Bev, that is spectacular! I wish you had more pictures! As I understand it, you made strips from all the little pieces...sewed the pieces together and cut the result into strips? I had never thought about doing that for a log cabin. Very creative!! Please keep sharing pictures. I found your blog from a twitter re-tweet (the humorous picture about dieting).