Monday, October 20, 2014

Gossiping and Sewing....and a Wonderful Blog to Share

Hi all! Monday morning...already! I took the weekend off with the intention of sewing all day on Saturday and Sunday. Well, that didn't happen...sigh...BUT I did get some sewing done! I got those pesky Dresden plate blocks finished for Gossip in the Garden:
These are the blocks that I've dreaded doing because they were supposed to be paper pieced. I did mine on the machine.
They aren't great but they are done. This has, otherwise, been a fun quilt to piece.

I thought I had all the blocks done for the center of the quilt but found that I had 4 more Periwinkle blocks to do. I did get those cut out.
With the embroidery and the applique, this is such a quirky quilt. Once I piece 4 more of these little blocks, I can get the top pieced! Woot!
I also worked on the hand applique pieces for the Love Entwined quilt. Wow, it is so hard! I did a lot of research on how some of the quilting experts who have completed this quilt and it was so interesting to see their blogs that I spent a lot of time doing that. The method I chose was that of Jane from Jane's Threads and Treasures blog.
This is Jane's quilt and shows the beginning of Jane's method of adding the "crown" triangle pieces. She does so many really complicated, difficult quilts and she puts beautiful photos of her methods and progress on her blog. I love looking at her blog...she is from Holland but lives in Britain on some land that overlooks sheep grazing in the field. She has a big chair outside, surrounded by lovely big trees, where she sits and does handwork. She's finished, yes, I said finished the Civil War Bride quilt, various Baltimore quilts, a Dear Jane quilt and more. She's truly an expert. I feel very much like a beginner next to her. I got my crown pieces cut and marked and appliqued one Her blog is HERE. She is awesome! Well, guess I'll get to work. Hope you have a great week! XO and cheery wave from Bev


barbara woods said...

you are light years better than i am

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Your Dresdens look great, you must be very happy that you have finished them and are almost ready to put the quilt top together.

Unknown said...

your blocks look great!

Here's wishing you a great week too! :)

margaret said...

gossip in the garden is going to be a spectacular quilt and so good to read you are about to put all the blocks together, hope this will be completed and not another UFO waiting to be quilted as can`t wait to see it.
The other quilt looks so complicated to me

JanetD said...

What sweet blocks these are. I really like the bicycle fabric. I too follow Jane's blog and I agree she is a master at applique, and so inspiring. Good luck with LE.