Thursday, May 29, 2014

Magic 8 Method from Karen Walker!

Take precautions and don't faint from shock! I've been working on finishing a quilt. It's going slowly and painfully so I'm not going to show you yet. BUT I have something special from Karen Walker, my friend over at Laugh Yourself into Stitches! She has done another little tutorial on her Magic 8 method of making half-square triangles AND she has a new, cool hint (this is my triangle quilt top-her's is cuter).
You can whip up a triangle quilt in no time with these methods! AND she has published and shared a handy chart:

You can find it all, along with her super clear instructions, at her website HERE. I know a lot of you follow Karen but for those who don't, she has some classes on Craftsy, including her Farmers Wife Quilt Revival Class that you can find HERE. For me, it's so much fun to find an easier, faster way to do something. I just thought I would share. Wish me luck on the quilting I'm doing. So far, it is a sort of mini-disaster but I am going to finish it, by golly! Hope you have a safe and fun weekend! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Podunk Pretties said...

Oh come on...What quilt are finishing? Is it the Gossip? I was wondering why you were being so quiet. Watched news for twisters, worried sick I tell ya ;). Glad to hear things are well. Looking forward to the big reveal!

margaret said...

yes I saw this chart yesterday and watched the video, will be trying it out in the next few days