Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday W.I.P. Day and insane sounding meanderings....

I have so many WIP's that I'm dedicating National Quilting Day to some of them. You've seen the many, many projects that I've started and not finished. I have them hanging around my studio and they mock me. Their little tiny voices beg me to work on them.
It's like being a kid in a candy store. Sometimes it's so overwhelming that I just get some unfinished projects  out and refold them, organize them and get nothing else done. I know I'm not the only one am I? Yesterday was a glorious day! The temperature was 71! Today it's cold again. I love this little picture I found on Pinterest-it's so much how I feel:
Yesterday was that day in March for me. So I'm just babbling on and on about nothing. I'm watching the pilot episode of Resurrection, the t.v. show. It's reminding me a lot of the French show--I can't remember the name of it but the premise is that people who are dead start showing back up-not as zombies but as they were when they died. The first season of the French show was on NetFlix and, before the mysteries could be solved, they quit showing it. It's so frustrating. I had a theory and everything and now, unless I meet someone from France who watched the entire thing, I'll never know. Well, now that I've convinced you that I'm crazy, I'm going to go putz around the studio and play. Cleaning the bathroom can wait--right? Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for helping me out by leaving comments on my previous post. There seemed to be a majority who voted to just bind with red binding. It will happen...someday...I know it will! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Nan V. said...

Bev, I feel the same way you do! Yesterday was that insane March day for me - it was all of 45 degrees here, and I went out without a coat! It was fabulous! I used to tell people that it was worth living through a winter in Chicago for that one insane day in March, when you know winter is almost over.

GO STARS! said...

It's raining here. Cold again tomorrow. :-(
I finished putting borders on a quilt. Should be quilting some tops already pinned to batting and backing. Also looking for my specialty rulers - they got lost in the remodel. I need some of them for another project.
I sometimes feel lost when I finish one and can't figure out what to do next.