Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog Hop Fun!

Last year I participated in Vicki's blog hop and it was so much fun! I found some amazing blogs that I just love and was inspired to start several new projects (I know, I know...it doesn't take that much for me to start something new...lol). Vicki is doing the blog hop again this year and it starts on January 25th. If you are interested in participating with your own blog, tomorrow is the last day to sign up. You can sign up HERE.
Lots of the blogs give away prizes and there are about 400 signed up right now. I thought you might be interested--if not in signing up, at least in visiting. Hope you'll check it out! It's a great way to get new followers! XO and Cheery Wave from Bev

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Thanks for the info! I was just thinking about the Blog Hop today and wondering if it was happening again. Hmmmm, I may just participate again!