Friday, October 11, 2013

Block Nine of the Civil War Sampler

Last night I stitched Block Nine of the Civil War Sampler together. I used teal and yellow for this block but some of the teals look blue in the photo. They look teal in real life so I suspect my trying to lighten the photo has everything to do with that. The red sliver at the bottom is my big red nightshirt. It was in all the pics I took so I just left it. I just wanted to get the photo on the blog. I was going to use yellow in the center square but I wanted to have a little of the background fabric in each block.
That's the beauty of doing a sampler. Each block is different and so, if you don't just love it, you won't be making it again. And they all look good together. This block is called Peace and Plenty....what we all long for.

Our weather has been in the 80's and, for me, it's hard to feel like it's fall when it's so warm. I am grateful that we are transitioning gradually from season to season this year. For the previous few years the transition was a one-day's summer now it's winter. I love fall. Almost all the flowers are gone now but there are still some crepe myrtles that have pink blooms and my little bush is blooming still. I don't know what it is called:
I made this pumpkin quilt a few years ago from a Jan Patek pattern but sold it:

and want to make another for me. Here's a closeup of some of the quilting. I like to quilt words and sayings into plain background areas.
I always give in when someone wants to buy one of the shop samples and I always am sorry when I lose a quilt that way. Not that they are masterpieces but that they bring back listening to an old song. Well, I could ramble on all day. I have to get to work. Today I'm writing about men's boots and various lines of designer clothing. Hope you enjoy your Friday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Missy Shay said...

I know how you feel about seasons, TX pretty much skips Fall and Spring, but I'm moving to MO in three weeks where they have four seasons!

20 North Ora said...

Happy Friday Bev!! Your pumpkin quilt is so cute. Your blocks on the Civil War Quilt are growing. How many are there in all?


margaret said...

I do like your latest block and as for the pumpkin quilt can see why someone was so keen to purchase it, autumn colours always come out top for me

Cathy said...

Hello stranger. I love this pumpkin quilt. I am on the hunt for a Halloween quilt pattern this might be it? Do you know if you can still buy the pattern? Cathy xx