Monday, April 22, 2013

New Background for Oklahoma Beauty and Collage Success!

Yesterday I added a new background to the No. 9 Oklahoma Beauty block that had the wonky stripe (that I made wonky by ironing the you-know-what out of the block). Here is the new version:
I like it much better. It will look better after all the paper is removed from the 3 rows that were paper pieced. AND
Thanks to my blog buddies, Dea from the Netherlands and Susie from Susie's Sunroom, the mystery of how to create a collage on Picasa has almost been solved! Here's my first collage of the Virtual Quilting Bee blocks I've done so far in Daisy Cottage fabric from the shop:
The thing I haven't mastered yet is how to add and take away photos for the collage. When I have time, I'll play with it some. I've actually only done 4 blocks but I didn't know how to remove the extra two that show up in the collage. But it's FREE and it's where I edit my photos anyway so THANKS LADIES! I was also given helpful suggestions by Podunkpretties who suggested Photoscape. I tried to download it and my security (Norton) would not allow it because it said it was a Trojan horse program that would eventually contaminate the computer. Also Judy, my blog buddy from 20 North Ora told me that Pic Monkey has a cheap yearly rate. THANKS EVERYONE who tried to help me! You guys all rock!

Don't forget to enter our giveaways! Right now we have the April Giveaway (2 winners) for tone-on-tone fabrics. You can enter that one HERE. And be sure to enter the Kathy Schmitz Pattern Giveaway! You can enter that one HERE and you get an extra entry in the April Giveaway too!

I'm going to work today thanking God for Jesus and for all the blessings He has bestowed on this country and on all of us in blogland. If we are able to sew and communicate with each other, we are truly blessed!
Cheery wave from Bev


gilly said...

Lovely blocks, Bev and that daisy fabric is so pretty. We are indeed blessed here in blog land - have a happy day,
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev,

I live in the San Diego, CA area, and my sister lives in your neck of the woods, in Clayton, OK. I talked to her last week, and I had just read your post about the wonky background of your OK Beauty block. I read "Welcome to Oklahoma" to her. She really got a kick out of it. I'm loving your Beauty blocks, and the courage you show in the fabrics you pick for them. They are so gorgeous and bright! I wish I was that brave...8-)

xo Linda

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