Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The quilt I started for Jennifer Jangles beads...

First, thanks for listing to my rant yesterday. I'm all better now that the PayPal account is fixed. It was so frustrating. You know, I realize that the things I get irritated about are usually things I have no power over so it was good to be able to fix something.

I thought I would show you my crazy art wall quilt that I made thinking that when I finished, I could "hang" Jennifer Jangles ceramic beads on the branches. Jennifer Heynen has her beads selling at Michael's and that is a giant accomplishment! I went to my local Michael's yesterday and they didn't have her beads! I did talk to the manager and they are going to have the display set up in the next day or so. You can see her work HERE. So here's the little quilt:
You know, I hate to say it but I just don't think I'm an "art quilt" kind of person. I drafted this pattern and, although you can't see the whole thing in this way too dark photo, you get the idea. I've been thinking that maybe I should try to do a traditional looking tree to have the little beads on. This design just seems too busy to add beads. I have some of Jennifer's beads and I've been hoarding them and then I also have some ceramic buttons that my daughter, Gina, has made (she is an artist and a potter and you can see some of her work HERE). What do you guys think? I love getting your opinions. In fact, I cut two borders for my basket quilt last night like everyone suggested. Let me know.

Well, off to work. I have to cut and pack and ship fabric and then write about tall women's fashion today. Hope your day is good! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Bev - I agree. That quilt block is so busy that I don't think it would do the beads justice.

Have a very blessed Easter dear friend.


Jan Baker said...

I wonder how your daughters buttons would look on it.

Jennifer Heynen said...

How big is the quilt? Maybe you could do a cool way to hang it and then have beads hanging off the bottom.

Either way, it's amazing and I am honored you were considering hanging my beads off of it.


Anonymous said...

If this was my quilt (very cute!) I would probably add some crystals and/or some clear/sparkly sequins to create some shine. I think it would be pretty & glittery without distracting from the design. Just a suggestion. Have a good weekend.