Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February BOM's

Today was my deadline day for writing. I got everything turned in and I did the blocks for February for the Country Threads BOM. Here's the 12 inch block (they are the same pattern--different sizes):
It's square but the photo isn't...it's not as messy in real life as it looks in this photo. Ditto for the 6" block. Here's the 6" block for February:
For those who emailed me, the cutting instructions for the February, 2013 blocks are HERE. I agree that it's kindof hard to find on the Country Threads website. It's set up differently than Blogger.

Today I wrote about tropical vacations and resorts and looked at photos of white sandy beaches and beautiful swimming pools and fabulous suites. I like the ones with private villas (the REALLY expensive ones). It was dreamy. I won't be going but for some reason I just feel better. Just lovely. The prices were right next to those photos and, unless I win the lottery, I don't see digging my toes into the sand any time soon....

Hope you have a wonderful day and that you are fortunate enough to visit these places for real! Don't forget to enter our February Giveaway. You can do that HERE.
Cheery wave! Bev


20 North Ora said...

Love the black and red quilt squares. Those beaches sure do look nice and warm, don't they?


PS If you win the lottery, can I go too?

Missy Shay said...

I really like those blocks! I've been wanting to do a red an black quilt, this might be just the quilt for that!