Monday, February 11, 2013

Not for Sissy Girls!

Yesterday I did 4 more Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks for a total of 12. Here they are (not sewn together). I don't want to sew it together yet. We have all the small tone-on-tone chevrons coming from Riley Blake and they are the colors I love so I want to incorporate them into this quilt.
This is a really fun quilt that's ultra-fast and easy. I also worked on some paper piecing but didn't even get one block completed. They are difficult patterns that are not for sissy girls! Well, difficult for me that is. I could never attempt these quilts without paper piecing. I like to do a couple of blocks a week. This is Orange Peel in batiks:
And this is what I call Oklahoma Beauty. This particular block has 4 pieces and I'm still on the 3rd piece. If only I didn't have to stop for pesky things like cleaning, washing, cooking or work!
I'm doing it in my favorite fabrics. Will I live long enough to complete these quilts? Who the rate I'm going I might have to make it to my 90's. We will see. Grandmother made it to 99, so it could happen. Hope you're having a great Monday and that you find some time to sew. Cheery wave from Bev


Gayle said...

You always use the funnest fabrics for your quilts - I love them all! And those paper pieced ones look like a LOT of work!

Quick question - I'm in the middle of making some of the scrappy trips - after you've sewn the last step, do you press the seams all one way? Or alternate directions like when you sewed the strips together? Just wonderin'....

20 North Ora said...

Don't you hate it when things like washing laundry, cleaning, etc. take up your valuable time when you could be sewing? I sure do!


Prudence said...

What pattern are you using for both the scrappy "trip" and the paper piecing? Both very cheerful!

gilly said...

Oh Bev, you do give me a giggle :-) I hope you live well beyond 99 and keep sewing all these gorgeous goodies!
Hugs xx

Unknown said...

I just love the fabrics that you are using for the paper piecing block. Is this your design?

thelady at