Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not for Sissy Girls Part 2 and Some FREE Tutorials!

Yesterday I shared some about paper piecing and mentioned that, in my opinion, some paper piecing projects are "not for sissy girls"! Well, I really didn't explain fully. Paper piecing is pretty easy to do because you just sew on the lines of a pattern that you or someone else has drawn. It can get tedious but isn't hard if you know the right techniques. What isn't for sissy girls is putting the paper piecing together, especially when the pieces are curved. Here's my Oklahoma Beauty block finished:
Part of what makes it difficult for me is that you leave the paper in. That keeps the fabric from stretching out of shape after you've done all that work. I really like the challenge--it just takes some fudging and fussing. For those who don't care for my fabric choices...okay. For those who like my fabric choices, don't forget to enter our February Giveaway for these fabrics:
As you can see, there are a lot of these fabrics in my block. There will also be a lot of these fabrics in the other blocks for this quilt. I am in love with these colors and have ordered quite a few of the Riley Black basics in these colors that will be here Thursday (woot)! We ordered every color of the little tone-on-tone chevrons...I'm in love with them. We also ordered every color of the medium tone-on-tone dots but they were already sold out of a lot of them. We also got some of the large ginghams in these colors. I am trying to stretch and use other colors but I do love these. You can enter the Giveaway HERE.

Lynn from Sew'n Wild Oaks is an amazing quilt pattern designer. She currently has a FREE tutorial for her adorable little basket block:

Her tutorials are easy to follow and FUN! You can find her tutorial HERE.

Margot at The Pattern Basket has a FREE tutorial for a pincushion. What I like about it is the bow. It would be fun to stuff the little pillows with something scented and give them as sachets....or a scented pin cushion...whatever.
And if you want to make a Fabulous Fringe Fabric Flower, Jill has a FREE tutorial for you.

You can find her flower making tutorial HERE. I was going to share these on Wednesday because today is my writing assignment deadline day....but the need to procrastinate overcame the ability to delay gratification. Story of my life.....   Hope you have a great Tuesday and that you find some time to sew. Cheery wave from Bev

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