Monday, December 10, 2012

Flannel Giveaway Winners!

Good morning! It's Monday morning and the day to announce the 3 winners of the Winter Flannel Giveaway! But first, I put my Farmer's Wife quilt blocks together and took a photo. Well, I don't like these together any better than I liked the darker ones! I like each block so I don't get it.
I know it will have white sashing but I just don't just doesn't look right to me. And, yes, I know I need to make more blocks like the green "x" block or take it out. That's not the problem though.

So, enough about that...the 3 winners of our giveaway EACH get 2 yards or 4 half yards of any of the flannel fabrics shown on our Flannel Giveaway post HERE. The winners are:

                            JUDY, STEPHANIE AND CHARLOTTE!

I've emailed each of you and so just send me your mailing address I'll ship your winnings. I wish I could send each and every one of you a prize...but since we always have a giveaway going, just keep entering and you could win!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for our next Giveaway! Have a great Monday! Hope you find some time to sew! Cheery wave from Bev


gilly said...

I agree with you about the green X block (but maybe you could just move it to the middle so it's the focal point?), but aside from that I think your quilt looks absolutely lovely! The blocks are fab and when you add the white sashing, they will look even more gorgeous. Just my humble little opinion...
Well done, you're doing a great job :-)
And congrats to the winners too,
Have a happy day, xx

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much! I emailed you back!!! Thanks again!

Lisa said...

I love the blocks and the fabric. I think part of the problem is whereever you have them laid out the flooring is distorting your colors. I think when you add the white sashing you will see a huge difference. If you have a white sheet, lay it out on floor, then lay your blocks out, take a picture of the quilt only then look at it! But if you seriously don't like it, send them to me.. I LOVE THEM!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Your blocks look amazing together! Congrat's to the winners!

Beth said...

Hi Bev--

I'm wondering if you're going to add a border to the quilt, to kind of tie everything together. I'll bet if you did that, you'd be crazy about it. Perhaps something with a china blue background and some generous orangey-red and yellow flowers? Well, that's just my take on things. With or without a border, it's gorgeous and so very cheery.

jennyg said...

Hi Bev I love the blocks I have the book but haven't started yet because I am nearly halfway through the love letters from the civil war book.

My thoughts is that you have a lot of yellow and it seems to be overpowering the other blocks were as the white backed block seems to blend. Perhaps add more white to mellow out the yellow.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I think you will love your quilt once you add the sashing Bev. Maybe it will need to be something other than white.