Monday, September 3, 2012

R.I.P T.V.

Good morning and Happy Labor Day! It's a regular work day for me but I'm going to try to get some sewing done later. My old television finally bit the dust yesterday. With much crackling and popping, the screen went black and sadly, death was the result. I've been looking at new TV's and I can't believe how big and clunky they make my old TV look.
I did get some Great Granny blocks ready to sew together. With this group, I'll have enough to do a 9 block quilt if I want.

Well, I must get to work. Today I'm writing about maternity clothing. I can't believe how differently young women dress when they are preggers today. Did you know they have maternity pants with stretch bands built in to support the baby bump? How cool is that? Well, off to work. Have a great day! Hope you get to have some fun! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Hi Bev, The problem we have had is that when we've replaced old TVs, they won't fit in the places we previously had them. No wonder you see so many TV cabinets on sale so cheap!!


Linda said...

Lol about maternity wear. We always tried to hide the bump, but today's women proudly emphasize it. Wish I'd been that smart. ;)

I love the Great Granny blocks fabrics.

Anonymous said...

I was gifted a lovely flat screen tv this past holiday found its way to my son's college dorm room! Granted...we do have spares! My husband has a thing about a good deal in electronics!

Ooooo baby bump...hate thinking about it unless of course it is a grandbaby someday!