Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stitching During the Storm...

Last night we had a horrible storm with high winds and hail. Thank goodness our neighborhood missed the GRAPEFRUIT SIZE hail that an area right down the road from us had! This is what everyone's yards and driveways look like today.

So the electricity went out. I lit some candles and did some hand stitching! I thought about the women who made quilts many years ago when they were on the prairie with no electricity. All I got done was to sew together one block of the wedges that I already had cut for a wedding ring quilt. This morning I ironed it and have been thinking about whether to put these blocks on a yellow or white background.

I'm thinking white wins hands down. I'm also thinking that in the center of each, I will applique some flowers or something. These aren't good pictures but the white really does look better.

So thank you God that this house was not damaged and that I have a garage to house my car! I'm also thankful for candles and have made a note to buy more! I won't be taking light and air conditioning for granted any time soon!

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