Saturday, March 10, 2012

How I Choose Colors for a Quilt

People have asked me how I choose colors for a quilt. I know that some people are just gifted artists and have inspiration floating around in their heads. Sadly, I am not one of those people. So what I do is find a photo or other item that I love like this one.

This is my new favorite color palette by the way.

Then I go through my fabric stash and pick out the fabrics that have the same colors. I also purchase fat quarters and half yards of my color palettes to add to my stash (shopping is an important part of the quilting experience). So, ta dah! Here is the palette for my next quilt. Orange, dark yellow, aqua and hot pink. This is mostly a medium color choice so I add few darks and lights thrown in for some contrast. I have done so much applique lately that I think I'll just do a half square triangle quilt with this palette and let the colors do the work.

I'll still use my latest favorite (red, aqua, lime and yellow). I know the trends are leaning toward dark but I just am not ready to give up my luscious brights.

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Love this inspiration photo for your color choices! :)