Friday, August 6, 2010


Lily & Will fabric by Bunny Hill Designs is a fabric line 44th Street Fabric has been waiting eagerly for! Created for baby, there are basically three lines within one because there is a pink, blue and green colorway-each combined with brown. You will find formal brocades with little bunnies hidden within and tiny, delicate florals and dots that are scaled to baby-size! This line also has a wonderful satin pleated trim that we have ordered to go round the edge of any baby quilt or baby project you make. Babies love to feel that silky fabric! We have already received the Lily & Will charm squares which include a 5" x "5 pre-cut square of each of the fabrics included in the line. You can make some adorable projects from charm squares and you can preview the fabric and see what you want to order when it is available in the shops. The Lily & Will fabric line makes me want another grandbaby! Are you listening kids?

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