Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Farm Girl Friday block and a special project

Hi ya'll! I got one more 6" Farm Girl Fridays block done, the Farmhouse Block:
Note to self:  don't use fabric with squiggly lines for windows again. The 6" blocks are so hard for me but I want to make the quilt with all the 6" blocks put together. I am so out of time to sew that I'm thinking of quitting the 12" blocks for now. I have 16 finished:
I just need to figure out the sashing fabric and the border. I'd like to do a border of red gingham but don't think I have enough. Decisions, decisions. I've been working like crazy on a special project for someone that sounded easy--haha. Just tie this quilt, she said. It will be quick and easy, she said. I need the money though. Here's the old quilt top that I'm actually restoring:
It is hand pieced and can't just be tied because the batting sticks out. I'm having to stitch the many, many tears down. It's a beautiful collection of old fabrics.

As you can see, the blocks don't match (I'm not fixing that) and the places that have pulled away have frayed. I literally have worked on it for a week and it looks like nothing has been done.

I don't think the owner is going to even be able to wash it because the fabrics are so fragile but she wants it done. Believe me, I did not charge enough-lol. What have you been up to? Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Cheery wave from Bev


carol fun said...

Your Farm Girl blocks are sooooo cheerful!!! LOVE them! I have the book but haven't play with any of them yet. I figure by waiting I'm seeing lots of great fabric combos and I can pick & choose from them... I think your's are some of the best I've seen. Good luck on that repair/tie project...ugh... those projects always end up being more time & work than we anticipate.

happy stitching!

Barbara said...

I like the wavy stripe in the window. Looks like curtains fluttering in the breeze.

Barbara at Stash Overflow

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Have you seen the little quilt on pinterest with the flower blocks alternating with the adorable little pig blocks. I hunted through the book three times trying to find that little pig...then I found a photo where she says she's going to release the pig block once she's done with the Farm Girl retreats.
That old quilt is wonderful...can't find those kinds of blues anymore, and one things for will have earned your angel wings when all is said and done!

Missy Shay said...

I never charge enough for anything either - LOL

margaret said...

another great farm block, I too thought it looked like the curtains were blowing in the wind. A fantastic job you are doing on the old quilt, I know the lady will be delighted with what you have done, h=shame you underestimated the time it would take, maybe you should mention it to her

Linda said...

Bev I love your farmhouse block. I agree with the other ladies - the lines look like curtains! I completed a vintage quilt for my niece, and someone along the way had washed and dried the quilt top, so it was badly frayed and some places torn. It is a lot of work! I know you're doing a great job. :)