Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Heart Quilt Block

Good morning! Hope everyone is well today! Thanks for the suggestions and comments about my vertigo attack! I've had one more episode...not nearly as bad and I knew what it was so not as frightening. Seems that there is a treatment for this. You can do it at home if you can get on your knees and put the top of your head on the floor. hahahahahaha Not going to happen for me. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so we'll see what she says. It was just so unexpected and scary when it first happened.

 I made a paper-pieced heart block because I realized that Valentine's Day is a week from Saturday.

Pretty fun.  And, yes, I'm sorry the polka dots are not straight. The dots were very pale and it was late and they only show up when you shine a light on them. It's only one little block so I'm not going to change it but thanks for mentioning it Shirley. LOL. 

Hey, remember the quilting tutorials I gave you the links for a few blog posts back? Well, she recommended a spray for your sewing area to make things glide through when you are machine quilting. I remembered last night that I had some of it. I actually had never tried it. Well, it is AMAZING! Just spray the surface and wipe it on like furniture polish. Everything slides and glides! If you paper piece, you know that there can be a drag on the block. Well, this totally does away with that! I've also been making some blocks to finish the green and yellow Great Granny quilt top and just piecing is easier with this!
You can get this at Amazon and I'm sure anywhere that they sell quilting and sewing notions. It's by Sullivans. I used their spray basting product for years. This is a special silicone spray that is made for sewing and is safe for fabrics. It's heat proof so you can iron your fabrics without worry. Can't wait to machine quilt something now! I have one of the silicone sheets but it hasn't impressed me and it was very expensive. 

Hope you have a happy Thursday! XO from Bev


Podunk Pretties said...

What a cute block! I've used Pledge and Endust on my sewing machine bed. This product would probably be a better option than furniture polish.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

So glad you are going to the doctor. Cute block! And thank you for the link. I just talked with my husband last night about making a basting board. On the knees is getting really old and I get wrinkles in the back! Thanks!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Great heart block! I'm ignoring Valentines this year. Trying to stay out of the candy....:))

barbara woods said...

Thanks Bev, I will be looking for that, great block

Tanya said...

Another fabulous tip! Thank you!!!!!

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