Monday, September 1, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

It's the first day in September and it's my turn at the Around the World Blog Hop. This is a great way to meet bloggers from far and near and be inspired! Marcy from Made by Me in Red tagged me in her last post. She has a real way with color and you should really hop over and see her Sochi Meets Bali quilt that's made from bright batiks!


I'm a mom of 3, grandmother of 7 (we are a fertile bunch) and, although I'm as old as dirt, I still have a "pesky real job". I write search engine optimization copy for a variety of retail websites, including GAP, Old Navy, Piperlime, Banana Republic, CheapCaribbean, Palm Beach Jewelry, Buckle, Belk and many more. I also have a little Etsy shop called 44th Street Fabric. I live with two little shih tzu doggies, Charlie and Lola. Charlie is just turning 18 and has a bad heart. He is on VERY expensive, experimental, miracle medication and, as long as he's able to chase Squirrely Joe (our resident squirrel), I'll do whatever I have to do to keep him on it and keep him going. Lola is now about 16 and she is a puppy mill survivor. She was rescued, along with 60 other dogs, from a horrendous situation. She had never been outside her cage and didn't know how to go down stairs, didn't know what grass was and was afraid of everything. She has come around to the point that she is bossy and sweet but still does quirky and odd things (like standing with her face against the wall for no apparent reason). Needless to say, I've done lots of work with groups who are trying to abolish puppy mills. I no longer have a "DH" (whatever that is) and am very happy to be single. I apparently am just too mean to be married. Quilting is something I love, although I have to call myself more of a "piecer" than a "quilter". I also run the Museum of Bev's Fabrics. I have lovingly curated a collection of stash fabrics that I have moved, stored and maintained for years.


Well, I have to laugh at this question. Other quilters who are doing this blog hop have shown one or two things they are doing. I have probably got 25 or 30 UFO's going. Oh, I have more that that stored but they have no hope of ever seeing a finish during my lifetime. I've got those stored in pillow cases with the names of family members pinned on them. That way, when they are going through my stuff after I "leave this world" and cussing me because of the giant garage sale they will have to have, they will see their name and go, "awwww, she was making this for me".... At least, that's the idea. Here are a few things I'm working on in no particular order. Summer Celebration quilt just needs a border and quilting:
 A Stars and Flags wall hanging. Just needs quilting:
A Scrappy Trip Around quilt. I have more blocks to add and then quilting...seeing a theme here? If I had the money, some machine quilter would be very busy....
 A Prairie Rose quilt that is all hand applique blocks. I need to set them and quilt it:
A Great Granny quilt (remember this Quilt Along?)
Okay, I'll stop now. I could go on and on and on. I am a serial piecer!


I would have to say my work differs from others in that none of it is finished!


Honestly, I think I have A.D.D. I just hate wrestling a quilt through my home machine but I love to see how the top will look. I love to play with fabrics and colors. I have a theory about quilters. The fabric we buy is coated with a chemical finish to keep the fabric from fading on the shelf. Of course, it washes right out. I think I am addicted to that chemical. I can walk into a fabric store (or my studio) and I just relax. I am a Fabric Junkie!


I have no idea. I do get creative with original patterns from time to time but I had a very bad experience with a mean quilt judge in the first (and only) quilt show I ever entered. She was awful to me. I quit even sewing at all for a long time over what she wrote. I won't say who she is but she is a beloved figure in the quilting world and that made what she said even more devastating. The only thing that is really creative in my sewing is my choice of color. I just pick a photo I like and pull fabrics that match the colors. Not exactly creative. I love the process of making the block.

This brings us to the fun part! I tagged two of my blogging friends who are super talented for next week's hop! I can't wait to see their answers to these questions! So hop over to Karen's blog at Chez Stitches Blog and to Lea Ann's blog at Podunk Pretties! They are both amazing designers and quilters. Both of them are always ready with help and both of them offer free patterns! They are also interesting women who are genuinely nice people.

So, if you've read this far, thanks! I'm surprised-lol. Cheery Wave! Bev


Jacqueline said...

Loved reading about you. Thanks for sharing. And there are a lot of us out here..just like you.

Michele T said...

Your creations are wonderfully colourful!! Thanks for sharing!!

Podunk Pretties said...

Obviously whoever judged your quilt is old and set in their ways, quite possibly senile. What a great pillowcase idea, I'm stealing that one! If I can't leave the kids a boat load of money, I might as well leave them some work.

Calicojoan said...

Fabulous projects. I so hate those quilt judges. I myself had a very bad experience with one just once, that was enough. My creations are not for showing anywhere but my blog anymore. I would love constructive critisizing, but there is a big difference between that and mean! So glad you are stitching and wowing us with your talents!

paulette said... you sleep? ALL beautiful!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I read and enjoyed every single word. Oh how I love your work. Your choice of colors just makes me happy. Good for you about your UFO 's. I also have some that will never get done. Life is too short. I want to make more! Thank you for sharing you, it was so much fun to read.

Catskill Quilter said...

I loved reading your answers; you are SO expressive and articulate. I chuckled at the vague number of UFOs, especially when I read that you are a piecer and these tops are waiting to be quilted. You are telling my story too! I have a large bunch of quilt tops that I feel are too big to quilt on my home machine, and my frustration has been mounting! I am making a quilt now that I have pieced in four sections. I am going to attempt to quilt one section at a time, and then join all of the sections at the end. My fingers are crossed, and if it is even remotely successful, I will start taking some of the pieced tops apart, and finishing them in sections also.

Marcy said...

Talk about great reading! It's like a "Dear Abby" of the quilting world. I had to grab a cup of coffee. Yes, you are a "piecer" and an excellent one. But your star is on your eye for some great color combos. Good to get to know more about you and thanks for the fun of reading your blog.

BTW thumbs down on judges.

Missy Shay said...

I loved your post and will have to disagree with you, you are very talented and creative!

20 North Ora said...

Bev - it was fun reading about you and your babies! As always, I love all of your quilts. You are so talented - have you ever thought about writing a book?


margaret said...

good blog hop Bev I am enjoying reading all about everyone on this trip. Re the quilt show I have seen quilts win in one show then be really critised in another so take no notice we all love what you do and i certainly wish i was as good as you are at piecing