Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just for Fun!

My day started with an earthquake! It was not long, but sounded like something fell on the roof. Lola was sleeping and she didn't even wake up. Charlie raised his head and looked around and went back to sleep. So I'm the only one who isn't used to them. Anyway, I've been cutting fabric like crazy. Not too long ago I made a couple of Farmer's Wife quilts using Karen Walker's easy, modern methods. In September, she's starting another group for those who want to make their FW quilt. It's her Modern Farmers Wife Quilt Along 2014-2015 and you can get the scoop HERE.

So, I cut my strips to make my next quilt. I like to get them cut before I ever start the quilt and, I'm convinced that, in the long run, it saves lots of time. Anyway, this time I cut extra strip sets and thought I would sell them. I'm just putting them on the blog for fun to show you. Sorry about the lighting.
They are cut 9" x 22" and there are 4.5 yards of them (36). I love using my fabric like that for scrap quilts because I don't have to keep getting up to get fabric, pulling it out, ironing it, etc. I have it right there and it is already ironed.
These are my favorite colors.I was going to use something other than white for a background but just don't think anything else will work. I had a great dot fabric I used all up...sigh....so white it is!
Wish I had better pics with better lighting but it's not going to happen. It's too windy to go outside with this many strips. Here's the quilt I made (I know you're probably sick of seeing it).
So how do you prepare your fabric before you start cutting a scrap quilt? I'd love to know if someone else does it differently. Hope you're having a wonderful day! XO and cheery wave from Bev


paulette said...

NEVER sick of this quilt...it shouts HAPPY!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh those are pretty fabrics. I rarely cut my fabric first. I wait until I make the first block and then mesure before I cut the next piece. I love your quilt!

margaret said...

good to read no damage with the earth quake. Lovely range of fabrics, I do not enjoy the cutting process and can see it is a good idea to do it all first but so far have not been that organised and I seem to be doing BOMs these days. Finished quilt looks good

Mrs. H said...

Funny that the earthquake did not bother the dogs.

Sometimes I slice and dice fabric as needed (works fine with scrap quilts). Other times I cut all that is needed at once. The bigger the project, the more I cut as needed.