Thursday, July 3, 2014

An ill-advised late night block and some funnies....oh, and a Quiltalong....

Good morning! Before I start my writing assignments, I wanted to blog and say hi to everyone before you left on all your family and holiday long weekend! I stayed up late working last night and at 12:30 I decided to sew together one block before I went to bed (although Charlie and Lola didn't like my staying up to sew and kept poking my leg with their little paws to get me to stop). It's the Aurifil BOM for July. I just started this BOM because they give away a big thread box each month if you post a block on Flickr.
It's okay to doing stitching late, late at night but I should never, never choose fabrics late at night. Oh well, it will be buried in a quilt with 11 other blocks. I'm not a perfectionist so won't re-do it--mainly because I am so lazy.

So last night I'm working on the computer and I just have to take frequent breaks because the kind of writing I do is so stultifying that I feel like zombie woman after a few paragraphs. Usually I just peruse Pinterest (in fact, look what I found last night):
and one more and then I'll stop:
like a museum.....hahahahaha....  Anyway (sorry I got distracted), as I was working I emailed Paulette (I'm sure most of you know her) about a problem that might make me unable to join her for her Winter Solstice Quiltalong. We chatted back and forth and she fixed my problem! (before I go on, you can get the scoop on the quiltalong HERE. Pretty casual...not sponsored...just people who want to make this quilt together. Sooooo, what I was going to say was that it started me thinking about the quilting bloggers. The response I got about the mean email lady, the friends I have made, the support I have every area of my life is SO AWESOME! It's like hanging out with the cool kids at school. You know the ones...the ones who always are happy to see you and want to hang out and dish and laugh and flirt with boys. Only now, instead of flirting with boys, it's flirting with fabrics and quilts. Really, I just love you guys! Even though I haven't met you in person, I can just imagine you. I cry when you have losses, I am thrilled when you are honored or finish a gorgeous work of art, I worry when you are sick and I wish we could all get together and hang out! THANKS for being there and for being so COOL! XO and cheery wave from Bev (oh, here are three more from Pinterest)....

Okay, I'll stop....have a great day! XO


Laura Sudderth said...

You have a lovely 4th of July! My sewing room is truly a museum and I love it.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Giggle~ you found some great funnies! :-) And your block is cute! I'm doing Winter Solstice too... Paulette is such a fun blogger. Have a great 4th!

Lisa said...

My dining room oh I mean sewing room is also a museum! My grandson sees the UPS truck and does ask "what did you order now, more fabric"? So thank you! I love the chicken one! Hee hee! Happy 4th to you Charlie and Lola!

I agree with you but now we are the cool kids! But we are all funnier and nicer.

Except of course the woman who thinks we should divide ourselves into 2 groups! I always hated those girls! Like to stick one of my pretty hens on that woman's quilts! That is what I think of her!

Unknown said...

lol thanks for the smile. :)

paulette said...

Bev, you can come and play with me ANYTIME!! It's so nice to FINALLY by cool!haha

margaret said...

such great words today Bev, can see why you write for a living you have the gift certainly. Like you love the blogging world as I feel I have made so many friends too. Wondered when you did pinterest, makes a break from your writing and you certainly find lots of different things to pin

margaret said...

PS nothing wrong with the block!!