Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Triangle Block - a Flower - and a GREAT machine foot!

It's Tuesday already! Hope you have something fun planned. I'm out of everything and have to go to the grocery store today...not my favorite activity. But, last night I used the triangle blocks I've made to do another block:

These are 12" blocks that I drew on graph paper sometime in the 90's and am just getting around to making. I know there is probably a name for this block but I don't know what it is and so far, all of my requests for helping me find the names for blocks have gone unanswered by my blog followers so I'll just call it the Buttercup block. I happened to see a video on line and it jogged my memory. A few years ago, I bought the #57 foot for my Bernina:
I'm using Sharp Sewing's photo because I buy everything for my Bernina there. They have amazing prices that are 40% to 50% lower than my local Bernina store and they sell for all kinds of machines. You can find them HERE. Anyway, this is the quarter inch foot that is just like the #37 but it has a fabric guide. You just run the fabric on the inside of that little arm and your seam is always perfect. If you are sewing on a piece of fabric, not on the edge (like when you draw a line down the middle of a square to make triangle blocks), you just run the little arm thingie right on the line. Anyway, I totally forgot I had it! I think because I ordered it right before I moved and moves always do a number on me. I HIGHLY recommend this foot! It makes all the difference!This day is also my son, Eric's, 44th birthday!

Wow, I can't believe it! Happy Birthday, Eric! He is graduating on the 7th to be a Reserve Sheriff's Officer. He will be the medical officer on the SWAT team. He loves guns and he thinks this will be a fun thing that will be a service to the community. As his Mom, I am less than thrilled at the thought of him suiting up to go to the most dangerous situations. Hopefully, he will just be doing community PR at the mall or something. Well, I have to go shower for my trip out in the public. Hope you have a great Tuesday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Missy Shay said...

I love that block, can you do a tutorial for it? I am wanting do a basket quilt for turn on my quilting bee and this would be perfect for alternate blocks!
Thank you!

margaret said...

how I am loving your triangle blocks, have been putting them in my Bev file for future reference, can see that I am coming along better than I thought as I can work out how these have been done.

What a proud Mum you must be, enjoy the ceremony

margaret said...

forgot to comment on the bernina foot, I have the one without a guard,( 37 ) when I bought it was not told about this one, maybe I will have to consider it as it would be a great help

Sharon said...

The name of the block is Buttercup..I have what is called the "Quick & Easy Block Tool" by C&T Publishing www.ctpub.com that has 102 blocks and names and the numbers so you can make them in many sizes. I hope this helps