Saturday, May 31, 2014

Need Your Help!

Happy Saturday! I used more of the triangles I made yesterday to make a block (sorry for the picture quality--it's very cloudy):
I know that I didn't "invent" a quilt block but I can't find the name for this block. Does anyone know? It's fun making these blocks! I'm still plodding along with quilting one of my is taking FOR.EV.ER to do it. My arms get so tired wrestling it around. I'm sure there is an easy way so if you know of any free tutorials on how to "EASILY" machine quilt, please let me know that too! Hope you're all having a great Saturday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Hi Bev! You never slow down, do you? I am just amazed at how many blocks you get done.

Have a great weekend.


margaret said...

can`t help with the name but have dragged your photo to my desk top as this is one block i have to make.

Jake said...

http: // earlywomenmasters . net / quilts/
This link may help you find your quilt pattern. I have to leave all these spaces for blogger to accept it not as spam.
There are tons of traditional quilt blocks listed here. Some very interesting ones I'd never seen before either.