Thursday, May 1, 2014

Awesome Bloggers, Cool Stuff and Fun Places to Share

What have I been working on? Not quilting! I've been working on my "real job" to try to bulk up my paycheck. Sadly, it still is pretty tiny. But on a happy note, here are some really cool tutorials and helpful charts! First, I love, love, love Leah Day. She has an amazing blog she calls the Free Motion Quilting Project. Just look at this super helpful chart for machine quilting! Start at #1 and continue when you're quilting on your home machine and make it easier to manipulate the quilt. I have found this to be HUGELY helpful!
The #1 spot is the hardest to manipulate. You can find this and more helpful info at her blog HERE. Next, we have very informative article on sewing tips for corners and squares from Michelle Patterns blog and you can find it HERE.
Lots of great tips on this blog. Next find a helpful chart that shows how many cuts you can get from a fat quarter. It's from the Bright Linen blog by Aston Bynum. She's a graphic designer from Dallas (home of my Dylan grandbaby). You can check out her blog HERE.
The Sassy Quilter, Paula, has an entire page of helpful charts that are amazing! Here are just a few of them:
You can see the rest of the charts and check out her wonderful blog HERE. So lots of fun places to visit! Hope your Thursday is awesome! XO and cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Hi Bev - Lots of interesting posts. Thanks for sharing. Are you enjoying the sunshine? Even if it is a tad cool, the sun is still shining.

Have a great day!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh this is a great pist! I am going to bookmark it and head to the blogs you mentioned. Thanks!

margaret said...

thanks for sharing these very useful bits with us, will now try and save them to a folder well I will try

Unknown said...

I'm honored to have my Fat Quarter Cuts sheet included on your list of helpful charts! :) Keep up the great work blogging and quilting!

Unknown said...

Brilliant I'm new to quilting and this is very helpful.As it is quite hard to work out how much you need.

Zjannine said...

How do u calculate?