Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mary Lou Needs You!

Most of you know quilting icon, Mary Lou Weidman, I'm sure. I have always loved both her fabrics and her patterns. Most of all, I love her books that are full of encouragement and inspiration. She's the original "you can do it" person. This is my favorite picture of Mary Lou with one of her amazing quilts.

She is also the "no pattern needed here" person. I have some ufo's going right now with blocks from her books and I really have to make myself cut and sew while intentionally skewing the pattern:
Here's a block using that method that I did. And another:
It's hard to be wonky on purpose! So anyway, Mary Lou's husband, Mark, has been fighting cancer. He just discovered that his tumor has returned and Mary Lou is asking for prayers for him. Would you add him to your prayer list and, if you don't believe in that, would you send him good thoughts? He is a great guy and they are just the nicest people. Thank you so much! Oh, here's the BOM angel quilt that I have on my bucket list. If I ever get the money, I'm so going to get this pattern:
 Mary Lou's blog is HERE. You can see quilts that she has done HERE. Her quilts are so bright and fun! Thanks my friends! You rock! Hope your Thursday is great and if you live in Oklahoma, hope you don't blow away! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Tanya said...

Absolutely sending ALL the healing thoughts and prayers I can muster! Tanya

Sandi said...

Thanks so much for your lovely post about Mary Lou's husband Mark. He is a lovely caring man that I'm proud to have met. Each time I've been at one of her Spokane based retreats Mark has dropped in to say hi and then returned on the last day to help us pack up and send us on the road with best wishes.

He is truly the definition of a gentle man. Mark may the quilt we contributed blocks for you wrap you I love and support.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Adding Mary Lou's husband to our list of prayers as well!
Thanks for sharing,

Heather said...

Sending prayers for Mary and her husband.

margaret said...

yes, prayers coming from Leeds in the UK too. I do not know the Mary Lou but will have a look at here blog now

marylouweidman said...

I checked in here at 3:40am in the morning because I could not sleep and I am so touched and blessed by this sweet post and the lovely girls who commented. Thank you sincerely. This is a sad time for my family but friends like you touch us and make us feel loved. Bless you.