Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Broderie Perse

I've only done 2 wall hangings using broderie perse. I almost never see it done by anyone today. Here's my combination of watercolor piecing (for the background) and broderie perse. It's a little heart wallhanging:
I wish I had a close up photo because I did a lot of beading in the center flowers that you can't see. Just in the last few days, I've seen people talking about broderie perse on Blogger. I kind of wish it would make a comeback. I have several fabric pieces that would really lend themselves to doing some broderie perse with a more contemporary print.
Are any of you guys doing broderie perse? I'd love to know if there's a group or just know if you are working on something using this technique. Would you let me know if you are? It's freezing here (11 degrees) so I'm stuck at home for fear of falling on the ice we have. I saw on the news that our weather went to the northeast. Hope everyone stays warm and safe! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Cheryll said...

oH stay inside and definitely keep warm... wish I could send you some of our heat. Oh well... it will return to your half of the hemisphere ! :)

margaret said...

this s very pretty. No I have not tried this technique but maybe one day I will have a go, must get my Linda Seward book out and read up on it, how is it different to applique,

Missy Shay said...

I have never heard of broderie perse before. What exactly is it? Whatever it is, your piece is beautiful!

Tina said...

Hi Bev! Homestead Hearth is offering the Di Ford Mystery BOM on their website and there is broderie perse in that BOM. I've never done it before but I thought I would be brave and go for it with the BOM.
P.S. I love that you've started the Civil War Bride quilt - your block was beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Esther Aliu's free BOM - called Love Entwined - uses it. see
Dorothy in Oz

Kar said...

OMGosh, Bev! That so very pretty!
I wish I could see more of the details!
I would love to do something like this!
Stay warm!