Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Aqua and Red - More Farmers Wife Blocks

Thanks so much to everyone who left great comments about my finally finishing the 30 Oklahoma Beauty blocks! I've got an idea for a border but have to have time to draw it. So in the mean time, I'm going to finish up my aqua and red Farmers Wife. Here are the first couple of blocks.
This is Block One from the book and here is Block Two:
So I'm using pink in this quilt with the aqua and red and a smidge of gray in some of the blocks. Poor Block Two here doesn't take a very good picture. It looks much better in person. Anyway, I'm using Karen's "modern" methods for stitching them up and it's MUCH faster than using the templates that come with the book. You can find Karen's lessons on Craftsy HERE. Her methods make it easy to match up the seams and I keep thinking that I wish I had her instructions when I first started quilting.

I'm sadly having a hard time catching up at work. Our gung ho new, very, very young leader has changed things around and it's hard for me to make the change to her new methods....sigh.... This is the 3rd new, very, very young leader I've had in as many years now. So off to work I go. I have to support my shih tzu addiction. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! XO and cheery wave from Bev

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margaret said...

good to see we have another project to follow with you, will pop over and have a look at the instructions for the blocks now