Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some Progress

Hello on Sunday! I got the blocks finished for the Cheery Circles quilt but can't decide how to set them. Should I put them side by side?

All the fabrics have polka dots so should I use my dots on white background fabric to make sashing?

Any suggestions? Hope you're having a great Sunday! I'm working and writing about fine jewelry. Pretty and expensive! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Michele Bilyeu said...

Oooh, no suggestions, today. Love everything you do, and I suspect I always will!

Beausoleil Quilts said...

This is going to be such a bright happy quilt- whichever way you decide to do it.

Podunk Pretties said...

Such cheery colors! How do you feel about on point settings? Maybe some colorful corner stones with the white polka dots for sashing. I can also see them in a staggered setting. No matter how you choose to set them it's going to be eye catching!

Karen said...

I like a crisp white to show off the blocks!

Or another solid, perhaps your favorite color of the polka dots in the blocks.

I think a solid color sashing will give the eyes someplace to rest and will give emphasis to the patterns within the polka dots.

20 North Ora said...

I like the sashing. They are almost too busy to put side by side I think!! Well, you ask my opinion!! LOL

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Love it with the sashing.

margaret said...

such wonderful play with the colours and different sizes of dots, really dotty, not sure about how you set them as only a learner but form what I have seen of your other quilting you will make a great job of it.