Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It will never happen. At best I'll straighten up. Why bring this up? Susan over at Molly Faye's blog dared me to show my sewing space. It's actually about 1/3 of my sewing space...but more than lots of people would show! hahaha
So this is my machine and table...yes, I have a few things to put up.
That jumble of red canvas totes includes some unfinished projects. I love this from Pinterest. It's so me.
The middle of my sewing room has my tv and my computer station and the other side has my cutting table and some fabric from the shop and a closet full of sewing stuff.
Here's my fantasy...sigh... And here's my reality:
So there you go. Anybody else willing to share their sewing space? And yes, thanks to those who told me...I should have wished you a happy Labor Day! Sigh.... Well, off to work! XOXO and Cheery Wave from Bev


margaret said...

what a great space for all your sewing things. Really envy the shelving for the fabric, mine is all in boxes and of course it is the last box I open that has what I want!! I keep nearly everything in the box room but sew in the kitchen as it is the warmest room in the house in the winter.

Phyllis said...

So glad you are back. You make me laugh. Love your sewing room, lots of space. I do clean up after every project but then start something else and it's a jumble again. Have a wonderful day. I am babysitting my 3 year old granddaughter and we are going to play ponies.

Learn How To Make Quilts said...

Ohh not bad at all. From a fellow OKC quilter, my sewing room is a mess. It has some organizing going on still from moving into our house in November. Still some more shelves to build on my honey do list. But, in spite of the mess, I keep working on projects. :)

20 North Ora said...

At least you can see your floor!!


GO STARS! said...

You should see my space - I've got stuff all over! I'm in the midst of moving one son's stuff out of his room so I can have it. I have a large cabinet full of fabric, a bookshelf cabinet and a cabinet with a machine downstairs. Then I have boxes of fabric and more quilt books in the master closet. Then upstairs in my son's old room (aka Mom's room now)I have fabric, my machine, a serger, a card table and bags of projects all over. I straighten then start working on something and it looks like a bomb has gone off. My goal is that by next year at this time all sewing stuff is upstairs and organized. I think it may be a pipe dream.