Friday, June 7, 2013

Blocks in Progress, a free pattern and painting inspiration!

Hey everyone! It's Friday! Woot! I've actually been working at the machine but instead of "quilts in progress", I'm reduced to "blocks in progress". I'm working on machine applique for the Civil War Bride Block 2 and it's taking for.ev.errrrr!
It looks awful without all the leaves and not ironed but see....I'm making progress! Also working on the bunting part of the 4th of July quilt that probably won't be finished before the 4th of July. Here are 2 of the bunting pieces without their applique center:
The bunting goes with the flags and star blocks:

 So much fun!

I can't wait until tomorrow when I can sit at the machine and actually finish something. What are you all up to? Any big plans for the weekend? I'm cleaning and sewing and that is it! Well, I take that back...there may be a nap or two. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to write about cookware and jewelry. Happy subjects except I always end up writing about something I like and think I should buy. Especially cookware and Betsey Johnson jewelry! There are so many cool gadgets out there now!
Oh, Kaaren at Painted Quilt blog has a free embroidery quilt pattern that you can download! It's adorable summer fun! You can find it HERE.

 She is an amazing artist and does the cutest embroidery patterns. Thanks Kaaren!
 And if you want an adorable tray painting project for summer cookouts or drinks around the pool, visit Judy at 20 North Ora! She has painted an old tray and I think I might just do one too!
She is an artist so does all kinds of unique and original home decor makeovers. With this one, she said to paint an under layer of hot pink under the red to make the red bright. I never knew that! I'd probably have put 20 coats of red on and still not been happy! I think she should do a book but she won't even talk to me about that. You can visit at 20 North Ora HERE. Thanks for all the inspiration Judy! Now I've GOT to get to work! Everyone stay safe in all the storms! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Bev - You are so sweet! If I do ever write a book, I'll dedicate it to you for all of your encouragement!! Don't hold your breath tho. LOL

Love the patriotic quilt you're working on. I love anything red, white and blue!

Have a great weekend


Jacqueline said...

I get worn out just reading about all the things you do..
I plan on having the same type of weekend as yours.. but I definitely know there are naps in my future..