Thursday, May 23, 2013

Steam Punk and MORE bad weather!

I got my acrylic templates for the Steam Punk quilt pattern yesterday and made a test block:
The photo is so rough color-wise because it is dark as night outside. It looks like it has a yellow filter. I would wait for sun but we are going to have rain for 3 more days! We are experiencing another huge storm today. No tornadoes but heavy rain and hail and flooding. It is so sad for the people in Moore. Misery upon misery. Here's the storm moving into Moore right where the tornado hit.

Back to something happier, there is a Steam Punk Flickr group with great discussions on how to make the Steam Punk block. You can see it HERE. I don't want you to judge Steam Punk by my test block! The templates are from Sunset Seams and a lot of the Steam Punk quilters use them. Lisa even engraves your name on each pattern piece. Fun! You can see her templates HERE. Fun I tell ya!

Don't forget to enter our giveaways! You can enter our giveaway for 3 of Kathy Schmitz's embroidery/quilt patterns HERE. And you can enter our giveaway for beautiful Basic Dots from Riley Blake Designs HERE (6 half yards). I'm off to work. Please pray for the people of Moore! XO Bev


Missy Shay said...

We've been getting some storms here in TX, but nothing like what ya'll are getting there. I have some friends who were tent camping in MO when that bad storm hit MO, that was an experience for them!

Lisa S at Sunset Seams said...

Hi Bev,

I was so relieved to hear from you yesterday! Glad that you received the templates, but even more so that you had survived that incredible tornado. We had huge news coverage about it, here in Melbourne (Australia), and I said to my husband: "Oh dear, I just made templates for a lady in Oklahoma City... I hope she's alright!". It certainly brings it home, how closely we are all connected, even though thousands of miles away.

Your storm photos are amazing... and terrifying, at the same time. You were so close! Isn't nature powerful? Here, we have cyclones and raging bushfires, which is just as devastating to communities and families.

Stay safe, and keep quilting! (I love the fabrics you chose). Thanks for the mention.
Cheers, Lisa Smallridge (Sunset Seams)