Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wonky Oklahoma Beauty block and EARTHQUAKES!

The bombing in Boston yesterday brought back memories of the Oklahoma City bombing. That day is etched in my brain and always will be. I'm sure that many people in Boston and visiting for the marathon will have the same experience. If my daughter, Gina, had not slept late, she would have been right in the bombing area. At the time, I lived in Edmond, a suburb of Oklahoma City that is about 12-15 miles from the downtown blast zone. I heard that bomb and ran outside because I thought a plane had crashed or something very heavy had fallen on my roof because the whole house shook and it was so loud. There is such evil in this world and it is growing. I pray that political correctness and naive people will not be the cause of our losing the freedoms we have enjoyed in this country. I join others in prayers for the victims and families.

I did sew together an Oklahoma Beauty block last night. As you can see, I'm going to have to replace the stripe fabric because I made it wonky by ironing instead of pressing....sigh....
All those "pressing police" were right. I was actually trying to iron the three bottom parts that were each paper pieced. It requires lots of maneuvering to get those sewn together because you leave the paper in them and I stretched the stuffing out of the stripe fabric.

We had 5 (yes 5) earthquakes last night and each one woke me up. Gina found this:
So funny and so true! Crazy weather and earthquakes. I'm old and I don't remember things being like this...ever. Take care my friends! We live in perilous times. Bev


Britt G. said...

Such craziness in the world - and sometimes too close to home! On a brighter note, I love the bright fun fabrics you used on your Oklahoma star.

Missy Shay said...

I think your block looks like a sunrise with those stripes! I love it! The Bible says that in the end times we would face all kinds of natural disasters and he wickedness of men would be even worse!

20 North Ora said...

Bev - The weather alert was cute & very accurate for Oklahoma. We didn't feel the tremors.

My husband was less than a mile from the Federal Bldg. in OKC when the bomb went off. He has very vivid memories of that day.

It's such a shame that there are so many evil people in this world.

Pretty Oklahoma block.


Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries said...

Terrible news, I spent a lot of time yesterday crying and praying.

If the wonk invests was caused by ironing, would it be possible to wet the area and press dry?

barbara woods said...

i'm old 72 in next nov. but i don't remember all these things happening. i suppose their has always been crazy people, but the weather is crazy to

drue.quilts said...

Growing up in okc I remember some pretty good ice storms. At least that is off the list for today. Love the quilt. It's going to be awesome