Friday, April 19, 2013

Still making Oklahoma Beauty blocks

Good morning. It's Friday! Last night I made another Oklahoma Beauty Block. I still haven't fixed the last block with the wavy stripes but I had this one cut out and it's always more fun for me to stitch than to "reverse stitch". This is Block 10 and there are 30 blocks so hope you don't get too tired of seeing these.
Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing which happened on April 19, 1995. I think everyone here knows someone who was directly impacted by this horrible event. My friend Eva lost her father who worked for the Social Security Administration. The Boston bombing just brings back memories and feelings. People can say what they want but there are many conspiracy theories that the local people here don't scoff at. Many witnesses saw Tim McVeigh with men who appeared to be from the Middle East. There were police artist pictures of those men. People saw those men running from the scene before the bombing. There was suppressed evidence that McVeigh had converted to Islam. Sadly, there was no Federal assistance given to people in Oklahoma because it was a "domestic" terror incident.

Lola has decided that she must stay up at night and make numerous trips outside, come in and play with her toys and toss them in the air and run around and generally enjoy herself. We have a doggie door but it still wakes me up and I can't go back to sleep until I know she's back inside. Then, while I work all day at my computer, Lola sleeps. She doesn't even sleep on her bed---she sleeps at my feet. I'm not sure how to break this cycle. Any ideas?

Well, thanks as always for listening to my ranting. It's a somber anniversary and I pray for everyone. May God watch over you all and keep you safe. XO Bev


Lisa said...

Just like a baby, take a day and keep her busy as much as you can during the day, then when it's bedtime maybe she will sleep all night. My girls have always been crated at night. When it's around 9:00 they get up on their own and go to the door to go out, potty, run back to the treat cabinet, I get treats, they race to the crate and get treats, cover with blankies and they sleep till 6 or 7 next morning!

Mary said...

I like your Oklahoma Beauty blocks. Such bright colors to cheer your day. Almost time to turn off the tv - too much sadness in the Special Reports that go on and on for hours.

Missy Shay said...

What I do for my cats, is every time I see them asleep during the day, I wake them up, sometimes picking them up and moving them to another location. Sometimes I will play with them if I have time, but the main thing is to keep them awake during the day until their sleep cycles change. Now, all six of my cats usually go right to sleep at bedtime and sleep until it's time to get up. My cats sleep with me, so I do take them to bed at bed time, if you prefer a dog bed you can do that to.

Anonymous said...

Your Oklahoma blocks are beautiful. But I don't see the difference between New York beauties and these? I hope it's not a very stupid question .

I take my dog for a long walk in the afternoon and play with her and her bal, or a stick or whatever she drags around in the evening, so she runs some more.

As far as I know she sleeps like a 'baby' at night LOL.