Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh man....all that work....

My electricity went off last fact, all the houses on my side of the street were dark. I did have some lanterns that I bought at Walmart for $10. each. They take 4 of those big honkin batteries but they stayed on until the power came on (at 2:45 AM). I recommend them to everyone!

So sitting in the lantern light, I had lots of time to think about how lucky we are. Our ancestors of not that long ago didn't have central heat, lights, cable tv, computers and Bernina sewing machines to wile away their evenings. I believe that God put me in this time because I am such a wimp. So I have hung this quilt in my living room:

I don't know if you can tell, but there is hand buttonhole stitching around each applique piece. During the evening (in the dark), I heard Charlie scratching on something I thought was his little rug to try to make himself comfortable. A little later, I heard him throwing up. I thought, "great, now I have to wash his little rug again" but no, the quilt had somehow fallen off the wall, onto the floor. Yes, Charlie made himself comfortable on it and then threw up on it. It's in the washer right now. I have no idea how it's going to look after that. I was just using straight pins to hold it up because I never (because I was lazy) put a hanging sleeve on the back. I hang quilts up every once in a while to hang out any wrinkles. It isn't my favorite quilt but....sigh....Guess I won't be doing that in the future.

Here's a mystery. Looking at the photo of this quilt, I realize that the solid fabrics I used for this quilt are nowhere to be found. I'm not sure how that is possible unless they too were stolen from the back of the SUV when I was moving. Guess I'll start building a solid stash again. I have a few but not enough....of Well have a great day. Wish me luck with what I find when I open the washer. Oh, and thanks to everyone who followed me on Bloglovin! Apparently I've been on Bloglovin for a while and didn't even know it! Another sigh...... I'll give you an extra entry in our giveaways! Cheery wave from Bev


Missy Shay said...

That sounds like something my cats would do!
I have a treadle and a hand crank sewing machine that I use for my quilting, so if the electricity goes out, I can still sew! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt! I would never ever have the courage to put all those colors in one quilt, but it's gorgious.
I'm keeping al fingers crossed your quilt won't be permanently damaged.
And poor Charlie, I hoop he feels better?
Dutch greetings

gilly said...

Oh poor Charlie, I hope he's feeling better and your quilt is salvageable. I arrived home this afternoon to find Jerry-dog curled up and fast asleep on the chaise langue ! There must be something about the forbidden that tempts them. You'll need to make Charlie & Lola their own little quilts ;-)
Ps. I'm a wimp when it comes to power cuts too - I find them quite disconcerting.
Happy weekend

Gayle said...

I love having the power go out once in awhile - just to make me more appreciative of it and not take it for granted when it comes back on! I have old oil lamps to use when necessary and it's fun to have an open flame! Glad you survived the ordeal.

Mary said...

I hope the quilt came out OK! Glad the lights came back on too. I am hoping to get one of my Bentwood Singer machines fitted with a hand crank for the time when my power goes out. I'm a wimp too.

Vicki said...

I think that the quilt is OUTSTANDING! Well, how did your beautiful quilt turn out?