Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Shopping

Good morning! It's 75 degrees here right now and we are supposed to have ice on the roads tomorrow. All of the tender little buds will be subjected to 22 degree lows tonight. How crazy is that?

Judy, at 20 North Ora blog, goes shopping all the time and finds wonderful treasures. You can see her blog HERE. I shop eBay sometimes and on occasion, go to the Dollar Tree. Real high class shopping-lol. Well at the Dollar Tree, I found these cute little candle holders that are perfect to hold one spool of thread:
and on eBay, I got this beautiful pin cushion for $2.00.
The seller didn't know anything about the person who stitched it because she got it at an estate sale. It is really a little work of art-the stitches are so tiny. It is sad how undervalued hand-made items can be and it's also sad when people don't put their names and initials on their work. Why would anyone sell this and why didn't anyone bid on it? Well, I will treasure it and appreciate it.

Well, here's hoping that it the freeze we are supposed to have doesn't kill all the plants. Also hope you have a great day! Cheery wave from Bev

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20 North Ora said...

Bev - Thanks for the plug!! I love that pincushion. I just can't imagine someone putting that much work into something and then it showing up for sale for almost nothing! How sad. And what's even sadder is the fact that items like that are almost a lost art. I love the little candleholder for your thread. How ingenious!

We must go shopping together some time.